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Business Opportunities in Coconut

The Philippines is blessed with substantial area of arable land, which is around 47 percent; fertile soil and tropical climate. Except for occasional typhoons that visit the country, which sometimes wrought massive destruction to properties and crops, the Philippine has good climate and soil condition where most tropical crops can grow.

Coconut is a perennial crop that can be found in the entire breadth of the Philippine archipelago; that is from Luzon to Mindanao. However, Mindanao is exceptionally known to have higher concentration of coconut trees and higher volume of production (i.e., in terms of number of nuts and weight), which can possibly be attributed to the uniform amount of rain it receives every year aside from the usual high humidity, as with the rest of the Philippine islands, in which coconut trees thrive most.

In the Philippines, coconut has been dubbed the “Tree of Life” since most of its parts have uses.

Coconut is the traditional source of renewable industrial oil use in making soap and food products, such as chocolate coating.

Another part of the tree with commercial use is the coconut husk where coco peat and coir are derived. Coco peat is a good plant medium but it should be exposed to rain for some time to wash and lower its cat-ion-exchange capacity, which when not corrected may deprive plants from water. It is a good substitute for peat moss since the latter’s continued extraction has been found to have negative effect on the environment. Coir, which is another by-product, is use as bed mattress and/or cushion for car seats. This can also be twined and waved into geotextile net which is a very good material for soil erosion control, because it can absorb huge quantity of water aside from being a biodegradable material.


We also have some other business opportunities in international real estate investment opportunities such as Panama teak and avocado farms.


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