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Costa Rica Celebrates Their Independence!

The sidewalks are lined with the smiling faces of onlookers, many dressed in the red, white, and navy of the Costa Rican flag. The pounding of drums can be felt in your blood as the marching band, with it’s cacophony of percussion, bells, and whistles high steps down the center street.
Lovely ladies in traditional flowing dresses and flowers in their hair dance with handsome men in jeans, crisp white shirts, and red bandannas. Cheerleaders tumble, color guards hold the Costa Rican flag high and proud.

This is Costa Rica’s celebration of the declaration of their independence.


On September 15th of 1821, all of Central America, Costa Rica included, declared their independence from Spain. A council of educated men and politicians in Guatemala drew up and signed the official declaration of independence for Central America.

Although it took almost a month for Costa Rica to learn of it’s newfound freedom, Costa Ricans still celebrate September 15th as their official Independence Day. On the evening prior, Costa Ricans gathered to light traditional candle lanterns and sing the national anthem in celebration.

This  September 15th, the roads were a mishmash of color, excitement, and activity as Ticos took to the streets to celebrate their freedom! Even celebrated, and their google insignia for the day represented Costa Rica.

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