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Living in Ibiza – The Quiet Side of the Clubbing Island

Having visited Ibiza countless times, whenever I’m heading home, I always get the itch to return – only this time for good. Over the years, I’ve spent my fair share of time enjoying everything the island has to offer, and it keeps calling me back year after year. Naturally, for most tourists, Ibiza is synonymous with the big clubs and buzzing nightlife. However, as legendary and loud as the music scene is, there’s still plenty of peaceful pursuits that never fail to indulge my quieter side – and that keep the locals busy long after the clubs have closed for the season.

Anyone living on the island will know the best places to unwind, the most isolated coves and bays, the genuinely unique sunsets, however, navigating your way from the resorts to the more peaceful parts of the island may be more challenging than you think. Here then, are my top tips for anyone looking for a life of harmony and serenity on the White Isle.


Explore Eco-Living

Ibiza’s credentials as a home for alternative living date back to the 1950s. Back then, the island served as a refuge for hippies from around the world, and it’s relatively isolated position meant that people could be as nonconformist as they liked. In fact, much of the island’s club scene stemmed from the hippie parties that took place between the 50s and 70s. Today, this hippie heritage also presents itself as a number of eco-living projects dotted around the island. If self-sufficiency and a slower pace of life interest you, then take a look at one the of the largest and longest-running projects here.


Practice Yoga

There are numerous yoga retreats on the Island, from the traditional to the truly luxurious, so whatever your level or skill set, you will find a program suitable for you. Again, the island’s depth in quality for this type of activity can be traced back to the hippy communes set up more than half a century ago. However, today, you’re just as likely to be sipping cocktails by the pool after a session as you are trying to attain moksha in a dusty adobe hut.


Observe the Local Flora and Fauna

Despite the hustle and bustle of the coastal resorts, Ibiza is bursting with some exceptional flora and fauna. Its privileged position in the Mediterranean mean wildlife watchers might spot bottlenose dolphins and loggerhead turtles, however, inland there’s also plenty of spectacular sights. The Ses Feixes wetlands between Ibiza Town and Talamanca boast a unique history, having initially been used as farmland by Moorish settlers. Today, the area is protected, and home to dozens of bird species among other animals.


Learn About Island History and Culture

Speaking of Ibiza’s ancient past, there’s a whole lot more to discover for lovers of history and culture. Ibiza Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site that can trace its settlement back more than 2500 years to the Phoenicians. Featuring Renaissance defensive walls, the fortified citadel Dalt Vila, labyrinthine alleys and passages, and an excellent archeological museum, this small town is a hub of historical wonders. However, if you are looking for something a little more modern, then try the celebrated Contemporary Art Museum.


Free Dive the Ibizan Coast

Freediving is all about silence and solitude, and there are few better places to experience the magic of this sport than along the miles of Ibizan coast. There are a number of companies offering excursions to various spectacular locations such as the Two Caves of Cala d’Albarca, the Cave of Light & Columns of Hercules in San Mateo, and the Ses Calletes 3 Tunnels in San Vincente Village. However, once you’re an expert, the real beauty of freediving for residents of the island is the chance to go out alone—or with a group of friends—and discover secret bays, colorful marine life, blue holes, cave systems, and jaw-dropping underwater rock formations.


Just Walk

Ibiza is not a large island, so one of my favourite things to do is explore on foot. From rugged cliff tops in the north to the salt flats in the south-west, you won’t find a better way to unwind and experience the tranquillity of the island’s natural beauty. Time your walk with sunset or sunrise for a truly breathtaking perspective of the place you now call home.

About the Author

Originally from Nottingham, England, Richard Lacey fell in love with the White Isle back in 1993. As the CEO of Coldwell Banker Ibiza, he is dedicated to providing customers with realty services that showcase the very best of Ibiza while balancing the needs of the island and its longstanding communities.


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