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Investing In A New Business With A Self-Directed IRA

Self-Directed IRAs give you a greater degree of control over the investment portfolios in your retirement account. Let’s talk about how you can invest in a business with a SDIRA. We’ll discuss IRS Regulations on your SDIRA, why invest in SDIRA’s, and Real Estate Investments through an SDIRA.

Compared to a conventional IRA, the self-directed IRA lets you invest in a wider range of financial instruments that can help you achieve your long-term financial goals. People are often misled into believing that an SDIRA isn’t a great investment channel and often throw them under a very shady light as if these were illegal, but that’s not true. 

There is a huge range of financial instruments that the IRS lets you invest in and the only reason conventional IRAs don’t invest in the same assets is because these are “risky”. 

I’ve always found it very strange that people would invest in property, cryptocurrency and commodities outside of an IRA, but won’t invest them through their IRAs. No one would disagree that spreading your risk across a wide range of investments is a great idea and that’s what an SDIRA allows you to do.

Much of this uncertainty comes from the fact that people don’t know how to handle unconventional investment options. I write this blog to tell you how and where you can invest through your SDIRA. 


Why Invest In SDIRAs?

Self-Directed IRAs offer far more financial potential than any other type of IRA. People can enjoy smaller tax burdens, possibly acquire multiple nationalities and make loads of money through these. Conventional IRAs restrict you to investments in local securities and bonds markets, which aren’t less volatile, nor do they offer greater returns. 

If you make smart decisions with your SDIRA, work with astute financial and legal advisors then there’s no telling how much you stand to gain with these. 

With an SDIRA, you can invest in foreign markets and take advantage of global economic currents to build a financial legacy for yourself when you retire. Your plan with an SDIRA should be to maintain a steady stream of income that matches or even exceeds your current income value when you’re done working.


SDIRA Permitted Investments 

There is a wide range of investment options available to interested people through their SDIRAs. Some common investment options are: 


Real Estate Investments Through An SDIRA

Real Estate markets are one of the safest investment options available to you. I personally believe that there are ways that you can extend the benefits of real estate investments to even acquire multiple citizenships. 

There is any number of ways you can use your SDIRA to make more money—some people hold real estate, fix and flip them or invest in property abroad to get citizenships.

According to reports, the global real estate market is growing in response to the rise of tourism and the global population. Asian real estate markets, in particular, are growing at unprecedented rates while pacific and South American real estate markets are emerging as hubs of global tourism. You should consider investing in global real estate markets by investing in hotels or resorts that are under development and ready for the taking. 

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You also have the option of applying for a citizenship by investment program in places like Cyprus, Vanuatu or Panama. The governments in these countries are offering passports in return for investments in real estate. 



Commodities and stocks are negatively related. If ever the stocks or securities markets crash, people move their money to commodities markets to continue making profits—this is all economic theory. With a conventional IRA, you’ll have to bear the volatility of a financial market without a hedge against the risk. If you use an SDIRA to spread your risk, the investments in commodity markets will help cushion the loss from security investments through the gains made in commodity portfolios. 


Startups And Venture Capitalism

A lot of SDIRA owners choose to invest their money in rising startups which they expect to grow into well-established commercial entities. Many of my clients have seen their portfolio valuations rise exponentially because they invested in a startup. It’s become a lot easier to grow as a business because of e-Commerce and scale advantages have shrunk as the number of third-party business services providers rise. 

As these scale advantages dwindle every day, you don’t need to only invest in the giants; sometimes, the little guy can take you a long way. 


Prohibited Transactions

The IRS is pretty clear about what qualifies as prohibited transactions and they are very stringent with their penalties. You have to pay distribution penalties, assets are confiscated, and your IRAs get dissolved if you violate IRS regulations. 


IRS Regulations On SDIRAs

Make no mistake about it, SDIRAs are a valid retirement plan and anyone can adopt one. As with all other accepted retirement plans, the IRS presents a list of regulations you must follow or risk the dissolution of your IRA accounts. These regulations are simple enough to understand and are listed below

  • The SDIRA can’t be used for your personal or your relatives’ benefit.
  • You can’t tap into the SDIRA for cash. 
  • You can’t use property from the SDIRA for yourself.
  • You can’t use the SDIRA as security.
  • You can’t invest in collectibles through SDIRAs.
  • You can’t invest IRA funds in life insurance.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of regulations imposed by the IRS. Please consult with you SDIRA consultants for more information.



You should remain mindful of IRS regulations about your SDIRAs. These laws are put into place to help preserve your long-term financial regulations, but there’s still a part of me that’s irked when I consider them. As a financial libertarian, I often rail against legal injunctions imposed by the state because they harm the individual’s financial autonomy, but I can’t deny that there’s plenty of room to maneuver with these. You could use your SDIRAs in any number of ways to help secure a much stable financial future.

With some astute investment decisions on your part, SDIRA will make you much more money than any other IRA. 

I hope you got great value from my article on how you can invest in a business with your SDIRA. We discussed IRS Regulations on your SDIRA, why invest in SDIRA’s, and Real Estate Investments through an SDIRA    If you would like more information on Self Directed IRA’s, please contact us HERE.

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