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Explore Escape Artist’s New Job Board!

Escape Artist offers many services for international living. In addition to our robust selection of articles, we also have a job board, which allows employers to post job openings, as well as for those looking for employment to post their resume. Our job board is designed to aid one when looking for employment or looking to run a business abroad, by creating a single location for international employers and employees to connect with one another.


If you are an employer, searching for a qualified employee, posting a description of the position you hope to fill on Escape Artist is an excellent option. We have a vast readership, with our main page receiving over 1 million views per month worldwide. In addition, a job posting on Escape Artist not only allows your business to find a qualified employee, but you will be helping someone achieve their dreams of living and working abroad.


If you are an employee, the Escape Artist Job Board is an excellent place to post your resume. Again, with the more than 1 million views per month worldwide we receive to Escape Artist, your resume is likely to catch the eye of some employers looking for someone with your skill sets.

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