facebook Cushion Your Dream Life by Securing Currency that Matters

Cushion Your Dream Life by Securing Currency that Matters:

Buy Cryptocurrency as You Retire

For most people, retirement opens you up into a world of financial insecurity and welcomes you into an uncertain future. Like a nagging visitor, it comes at the least expected time, and soon it starts to hit your financial reserves hard. When you retire, all you want is to have some peace and quiet, as you sit down and enjoy the fruits of your youthful labor.

To guarantee your financial safety, we all know that securing your retirement funds is the only logical move in this case. With traditional means of investment portfolios like venture capital or real estate investment, you can expect to earn an annual interest rate of about 5% to 8%. Simply put, it’s not enough money to fulfill your dream retirement plan.

Securing the Currency That Matters

If you are looking to diversify your retirement portfolio in a highly profitable investment, you can only trust cryptocurrency. Due to their volatility, it can be risky to use all your retirement funds to purchase crypto coins (the idea may not be for everyone).  Here are a couple of tips for risk takers and those adventurous enough to invest in the crypto industry using their retirement funds.

  • Do Your Research

Though very profitable and secure, cryptocurrency is a very volatile asset and it’s a relatively new investment option. Today, there are thousands of digital coins available on the internet, but only a few are worth investing your money. In this case, it’s imperative that you conduct your research widely and understand the technology used by each token that you are considering buying.

For those who are considering buying bitcoin, you will want to ensure that you get the best bitcoin wallet. You must also stay updated with the latest prices, market cap, and background information. However, while there are tons of free information sources on the internet, you need to be wary of where you get your facts. It’s also important to distance yourself from multi-level marketing setups, formally known as pyramid schemes.

  • Select a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Once you have settled on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or any other cryptocurrency, you need to find a way to convert your fiat currency into digital coins. The safest way to transform your retirement money into digital currency is through an exchange. This not only guarantees the safety of your funds but also allows you to track the latest prices on the market conveniently.

When choosing a crypto exchange, it’s important to note that every organization works in a different fee model. That means you have to familiarize yourself with the fee schedules before you decide to sign up with any company. In most cases, the transaction fee ranges at about 2%, but it may go up to 5% if you choose to buy your coins from brokers.

  • Get a Wallet

As a new cryptocurrency investor, it can be a bit hard to understand how crypto wallets work. However, it’s imperative to know how they work, considering that you want your currency to stay safe. For example, getting the best Bitcoin wallet would mean understanding how different system works and choosing what’s convenient for you.

Getting a crypto wallet is like having a glass safe full of gold coins that everyone can see. That means that everyone can see your public address or key, but it will only allow the wallet owner to access the coins. However, it needs to follow a robust security protocol to ensure that your funds are secured against hacking, identity theft, and many others.

To ensure that you have full control over your funds, you need to ensure that only one individual has access to the private key. The wallet is basically a digital computer file that stores the information used in receiving and sending virtual currency.

When buying cryptocurrency, you can hold the coins at an exchange wallet or in your own hard (cold) or digital (hot) wallet. However, it’s advisable to use a retirement account plan, such as a Solo 401(k) plan, if you are purchasing the digital currency using your retirement funds. This will allow you to buy and sell your currencies without going through a third party broker or IRA custodian.

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The Bottom Line:

Since cryptocurrencies are highly passive in nature, investing in digital currency using your retirement funds is not considered a high-risk investment by the IRS. However, currencies such as Bitcoin can be highly volatile, and their future can be very uncertain. This means that every retirement account investor should do due diligence and proceed cautiously when securing their funds.

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