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Medical Franchise is Streamlining Healthcare in Panama

MiniMed Sets Goals of Quality & Affordability

The first medical franchise to open doors in Panama has a unique vision: “To become the Starbucks of Health.” With a $2 million dollar investment of Panamanian capital, MiniMed opened its first clinic in Panama City in 2011. Now, just two years later, the company has its fifth location in the works. “Drive thru” windows or not, people seem to like what these clinics have to offer.

Fast, friendly, convenient, and affordable are not usually goals associated with medical care, but these are the very concepts around which MiniMed is modeling its business. As explained on their website, Juan Carlos Mastellari and the other company founders grew frustrated with the old system of health-care delivery in Panama and set out to create a new, trans formative vision based on customer expectations.

MiniMed Panama“We provide innovative health solutions in a very comfortable, professional and friendly atmosphere, at a reasonable price and in facilities that are close to our customers” is the mission statement driving their efforts.

The company’s focus is on preventative care. Medical consultations, lab services, x-rays, ultrasounds, vaccinations and pharmaceuticals are available at each clinic. Appointments are not required. Online patient records can be accessed from any of their locations. Insurance, including international policies, is accepted. Payment options include cash, setting up a monthly bank account debit, or pre-paying for services at a substantial discount. Rates for MiniMed’s services, including their innovative preventative programs, are available online and are very low.

“We believe in the healing power of a smile” states one of MiniMed’s philosophies. “The movie Patch Adams is not science fiction. It is a film of real life. If we can make you feel a little better through a smile, we’ve already won half the battle with your pain or your illness.”

MiniMed is planning clinics “in every space we can justify in the Republic of Panama” and then intends to expand throughout Central America and the Caribbean. With innovative and customer-centric philosophies like theirs, it may not be long before we see “The Starbucks of Health” joining its coffee-oriented inspiration in locations all over the world.

MiniMed’s website can be viewed at http://minimedpanama.com/.

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