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What Makes Chandigarh the Best City in India?

A Union territory in India, and the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh is bordered by the state of Punjab to the north, west, and south – and Haryana to the east. The city was the first one to be planned after independence and is a prestigious manifestation of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s dream. Known as a garden of rocks and bangles, the city is the epitome of modernization as well as nature preservation. Experiencing the beauty and serenity of India’s best city creates a feeling of ultimate pleasure.

Chandigarh has been called the happiest and cleanest city in India, as evidenced by the surveys conducted in recent years. This self-contained city is a beautiful blend of architecture, natural beauty, wildlife, heritage, and civilization – and it has proven that it deserves to be the called the best Indian city. There is no doubt that modernity is catching up everywhere in India, but in Chandigarh it hasn’t affected the beautiful culture of the city. You can cheaply book Air India plane tickets at the lowest airfare available, and the company even has a pocket-friendly guide for the best city in India!

Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Parrot Bird Sanctuary, Leisure Valley, Fun City, Terraced Garden, and Roopkund Trek are some of the places that keep visitors excited.

In addition, there are many other aspects that contribute to making Chandigarh the best city in India:

  • Education: The city is proud of its remarkable education opportunities, including Punjab University, which was ranked as the No. 1 University of India by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.
  • Medical Facilities: The city houses some of the best multi-specialty hospitals, including Apollo Hospital, Max Hospital, Healing Hospital, Fortis Hospital, and many others.
  • Parks and Gardens: The natural beauty of the city is embodied in the form of parks and gardens. Each and every block of the sector has its own garden with fountains and swings. Musical Fountains are popular attractions for both children and elders.
  • Safe Nightlife: Nightlife in the city is quite safe for everyone, especially girls, thanks to the Chandigarh Police. Party nights can be safely spent at discos and pubs located in Sector 8, 26, and 35.
  • Traffic Management: Among many assets, traffic police in the city are very admirable, and safety is their priority. You’d be hard pressed to find someone without a helmet on a two-wheeler, or without a seat belt on a four-wheeler. The crime rate in the city is also at incredible lows.
  • Transportation: Unlike other cities in India, Chandigarh is well-connected to surrounding areas, including Panchkula and Mohali, making travel easy. Occupying the maximum number of vehicles per capita, the city has two Inter State Bus Terminals located in Sector 43 and 17. Besides roadways, railway connectivity and airports are also convenient means of travel. Chandigarh Railways falls under the Northern Railway Zone, and the city’s airport is also a major hub for commercial business.
  • Smoke-Free City: The survey conducted in 2007 has given first place to Chandigarh as the most smoke-free city in India. This is due to the success of the Smoke-Free Chandigarh project conducted by the local authorities.

Unlike other metropolitan cities, Chandigarh is still considered an affordable one, thanks to its local markets, residential options for paying guests, and food stalls. The city has everything that a citizen can be proud of. This prosperous and cosmopolitan city deserves to be at the top of your travel destination list. Book Air India tickets at the lowest prices from any of the top travel websites, take advantage of special discounts, and make this trip to India’s best city a memorable one!

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