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Island Education—Chronicles of Life in a New Land

Island Education—Chronicles of Life in a New Land

One thing I find fascinating about living in San Pedro, Belize is the endless opportunity for business and investment-related education. Originally, I was under the misimpression that the island might be more of a retirement-style community, or a place to simply sit back and relax in the sun. Although it can be both of those things, it turns out that Ambergris Caye is also somewhat of a haven for enterprising and entrepreneurial expatriates and locals alike.

Conferences, seminars, and workshops about everything from real estate and investment to banking and business operations—and even learning to live a life free from the tethers of traditional society—abound here. It’s a testament to the type of people who chooses to live here—they’re active, they’re determined, and they’re always looking to learn about new and adventurous opportunities.

This morning, I attended one short conference that I found interesting and relevant to my own career—a class on digital marketing strategies.

Hosted at a hotel near my home, the event was put on by two incredibly reputable and competent companies—Google and the Belize Yellow Pages branch of Global Digital. The course featured two speakers: Gabriel Parra, the Strategic Partner Manager for Google in Colombia, Central America, and the Caribbean, and Rasheed Girvan, the Digital Sales Manager for Global Digital in Jamaica.

A few friends of mine who are working on the island planned to attend the course as well, so we met in front of the Exotic Caye Beach Resort and walked over together. And although we encountered a torrential downpour halfway there, we could not be deterred from our marketing mission. Soothing rain storms are just another part of the island life we’ve all come to accept and expect. Luckily, the hotel was kind enough to lend us a few towels to dry off with, and by the time we plated ourselves some complimentary breakfast and found our table, we were only mildly damp.

Sitting down, my friends spotted many familiar faces in the audience, and even I saw a few of the folks I’ve managed to meet so far—further proof that plenty of people here are interested in educating themselves on the ways of the working world.

The event ran from 8:30 AM to a little after 11 AM. The speakers discussed key trends in online mobile and desktop usage, as well as how to parlay this material into actionable results for everyone from bloggers to scuba shops, hotels, and restaurants. It was well-organized, informational, and I could tell from the follow-up inquiries during the question and answer session that many participants found the class to be beneficial to their business.

I find myself now looking forward to other educational opportunities that the island can offer. In fact, my own apartment association, the Grand Baymen Gardens, is hosting a two-day Global Asset and Wealth Symposium next month. And although the topics—real estate, foreign investment, and foreign banking—are not necessarily central to my current career, they are key to the type of lifestyle I hope to sustain from now until eternity—life in a new land!

I hope you enjoyed reading my adventures: Island Education—Chronicles of Life in a New Land. If you would like more information on moving overseas, please contact our office HERE.

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