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Experiencing the France of Old Through it Wine and Culture

One of the aspects that has made France renowned through history is that it is not only a country with an unparalleled cultural heritage, but also one that is considered to have the most sophisticated cuisine in the world. But this recognition not only entails its food, it also encompasses its wine, which fame is such that it even rivals that of its food.

Imagine experiencing the culture, the exquisite food and the legendary wine, all right from the source while on a short vacation through the South of France. This is just what an EscapeArtist writer, Will, did a few weeks ago: He traveled and lived as a French citizen, and not just any citizen for that matter, but as one belonging to the most traditional wineries in a European country.

In the account of his short trip, Will tells us about the way he was transformed by the calmness of the south of France, and by the weight of its culture, which he experienced through his hosts, a traditional French family living in a 300 year-old French villa with its own winery.

It is easy to be tempted to travel to France by the way he describes the country. He experiences a different France, one stationed in time, proud, calm and without the worries of today’s world. His story inspires his reader to experience France and retraces his steps to love France as he does.

The world renowned “Escapeartist.com” had this to say about the “South of France culture“:

Phillip attempted to explain this sentiment to me when talking about the South of France, “you can never just visit” he said “You must live here for a year and see how it changes from season to season. The south is the wine harvest in autumn, the south is the mistral, and the south is the way you make love to a woman in the summertime”. Where else, I wondered aloud, should one be in love or imagine how love should be, than a place of such indulgence.
These are the reasons that people continue to seek out France, because the perception of passion is deeply ingrained in penitence to culture, to the slowness, precision and tradition of a grand notion of life.


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