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Countries with the Best Economies for Expats

Over 6 million Americans currently claim “expat” status as they work abroad in another country.  This can be attributed to any number of reasons such as the thrill of living abroad, making more money than in the States, or just cheaper cost of living overall.  If you’re thinking of joining the ranks of millions of other expats, these countries offer the best economies as a launching point.



Thanks to natural gas, the petrochemical industry is soaring here, as are construction, tourism, and technology jobs.   You can expect a low cost of living in Qatar, but be prepared to abide by Islamic law, which may be a difficult adjustment for some.



Germany has long been known for its excellence in technology and science, and that rings true in today’s economy.  Although it can be difficult to pin down a job due to heightened immigration regulations, if you can, you’ll be rewarded with high pay, good benefits, and one of the best educational systems in the world.



If technology or finance is your industry, then Turkey may have a lot to offer you.  Although the cost of living is generally lower than many places, it has shown strong economic growth in recent years.



Indonesia has seen an economic boom which is making a lot of money for expats – some 22% are making around $250,000 annually.  In combination with the low cost of living, you can enjoy a rich and interesting lifestyle that is second to none.


Cayman Islands

Long known as a tax haven dream, the Islands are becoming a top destination for finance and accounting careers.  Other jobs are readily available as well, and over 70% of expats claim they have a better quality of life than before.



Chocked full of oil money, Oman has a very positive economic outlook.  Over a quarter of the population is expats, who have an average salary of about $10,000 a month here with almost no taxation.



By far Thailand has the lowest cost of living, but also offers little in high paid employment unless you’re transferred by a large international company.  However, a little bit of money will go a long way here, so a typical hospitality industry job can support you quite fine.



The engineering, banking, pharmacology, manufacturing, and technology sectors are all exploding in China right now.  Employers are offering enticing relocation packages and if you speak Mandarin, you’re a prime candidate (although it’s not necessary).



This city-state is will not save you much money due to the high cost of living, but you can count on world class career and education opportunities.  China is the only country that offers better job prospects.  Plus, there is virtually no crime here.


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