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5 Reasons Why Expats Should Hire an Investment Manager

Most people around the world with a fair amount of money in the bank are always on the lookout for the best opportunities to increase their wealth, especially the expatriate bunch looking to enter different markets around the world. For most expats, investment is the best option to turn the thousands of today into millions of tomorrow in your bank account. However, the investment practice is not an easy business and certainly not for everyone – and there are a great number of reasons for this. An expat may not draw a complete idea regarding a foreign market and may not anticipate and deduce key facts on their own. Many expats put forth a blind confidence in the prospect of investment. The fantasy of early retirement and completely channeling their life savings in any given opportunity is remarkable.

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Investing in haste and without proper understanding has dire consequences. Success and failure both are backed by some key factors. The best strategy for expats opting to invest is to start working with an investment manager in a particular region. These are qualified professionals who specialize in managing your money. They assess your investment objectives, evaluate the sustainability of your investments and the time before you may get a liable return.

They devise strategic decisions based on those three key areas and then prepare a custom investment portfolio. Next, they choose the investment type which would suit your objectives. These professionals weigh the benefits and the pitfalls of a specific option. One of the most flourishing branches remaining is the private investment market around the world, and this is drawing more and more expats in the category of real estate investing. Whether it is commercial high rise buildings, a condo downtown, or simply mobile home parks, real estate is certainly a thriving sector and continues to pique the interests of many expats around the globe. In fact, experts at UBS Asset Management firm in Switzerland endorse the real estate market to be an increasingly favorable investment option with lucrative returns.

Why would an investment manager be key for your ambition to build wealth via investing? Here are some pointers:

  • Committed to your benefit – They have a first-hand, day-to-day and constant interaction with the investment world. Amundi, the asset management company in France is known for it.  It motivates them and keeps them in the game to serve at your best needs. Most managers would charge a particular percentage of commission and would get paid on making trades for your portfolio. Now due to the introduction of consumer rights protection policy, investment managers have aligned their goals with you. They would be charging a fee on the number of assets they manage for you. As the number of assets grows in your portfolio in a region, the greater the fee they would charge.
  • Decision-making and predictive analysis – Operating in the industry, their world revolves around them which is a contributing factor to their experience. Their work environment and opportunities with clients allow them to be better at work. Learning from a cumulative environment around them shapes their chances up to make better decisions. Plus, investment managers get wind of market conditions which can be greatly affected by geopolitical events or certain local political decisions taken by the federal government in a particular country. In the United Kingdom, the looming threat of the country pulling out of the free-trade area and the customs unions EU dramatically influenced a great number of investor decisions. The experts are carefully noticing every small and large event happening in the Brexit fiasco. Besides, the news of decisions about a no-deal Brexit from 10 Downing Street was also a large subject of consideration for investment companies and managers. They always develop an active investing strategy which works in the benefit of their clients and shift of the market. Ordinary investors may miss out on the devastating market conditions when stocks plummet and prices fluctuate, whereas a well-rounded investment manager would already be prepared with an effective plan to contest the circumstances for the greatest outcome in the interest of their client. In fact, when several European countries like France and Germany were on the brink of general elections, Rory Bateman noted that certain political conditions would lead volatility in the market and it can be a great opportunity. He said, “Volatility is not going away. We would advise our clients to take advantage of that volatility and be prepared to step in when volatility is at its peak, as that is typically how we make money”.
  • Scaling bigger opportunities – There are elusive investment opportunities which are not open for every expat, possibly due to some legal limitations and the protectionist barriers imposed by the federal government against foreigners. However, the lust for engaging in the mega-business deals never dies out of any expat. When met with such opportunities, investment managers would make collective investments on behalf of a number of investors. They would be managing multiple players in one deal. Pooling your funds with the funds of other investors for one outlet is a great strategy.
  • Specialization – Take the example of Andrew Lanoie’s firm Four Peaks Capital Partners which employs people who work with a myriad of a small and large group of expats as investors. The specialization effect offers a competitive advantage here and the teams would often work in collaboration for the sole outcome. Different people, different ideas, all would be tried and tested for one goal and that is your benefit. This way, hiring investment managers remains a far safer option than taking the road all by yourself.
  • Education – Staying connected and remaining on top of all the knowledge about key decisions and strategies employed by the managers of a firm increases your knowledge bank about a specific market. You would be open to new perspectives, different trends, and facts which are not visible on the surface to any outsider. In fact, investment managers have a passion for educating people and it can be of a great benefit for you in the longer run. Helping you make key decisions with your money in any capacity of investment you choose as well as any market around the world. Your contact with the firm is spread to monthly meetings, phone calls, luncheons and conference updates where you can meet a number of brilliant minded people and learn a ton of things from them.

Eventually, it is all about priorities and letting the best people do the jobs that they are meant for. There are countless managers out there and if you wish to work with a certain one, make sure to get insightful facts about them and learn from their past clients’ testimonials, particularly from other expats.

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