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5 Exotic Honeymoon Paradises in the World

Worried that you and your spouse can’t have the perfect honeymoon because of budgetary constraints? Take a travel loan and go to your dream destination with ease.

5 Exotic honeymoon paradises in the world

A honeymoon happens only once in your life and it ought to be special. After all, wouldn’t you and your partner love to start your marriage from a place that is exotic, romantic and close to paradise?

If you’re worried about your finances, simply apply for a personal loan for travel and go on the best vacation of your life.

Here is a look at five different and exquisite honeymoon destinations from across the globe.

The taste of Tuscany, Italy

The Tuscany region of Italy is known for its bright sunshine, world class wine and delicious cuisine. As you drive out of the city and into the countryside; the cascading hills, the castles and the vineyards will mesmerize you. You can even stay in one of the castles, as many of them have been converted into resorts.

Your honeymoon will include relaxing in the sun, sipping the world’s finest wines, eating a variety of gelatos and enjoying Italian cuisine with the love of your life.

Nature’s pride, New Zealand

New Zealand is secluded from the rest of the world, ensuring that no one disturbs you newlyweds. This country gives you a variety of choices. Wine lovers can visit the Waiheke Island, which sits in the middle of a stunning blue sea. You can even stay in a vineyard cottage in the Abel Tasman region. For couples who love adventure, Hahei Beach Coromandel Peninsula is a must visit. It offers activities like hiking and kayaking. New Zealand’s rich culture can also be experienced by exploring the different aboriginal tribes.

Mesmerising Maldives

For those who love luxury, Maldives should be on the top of your list. You can stay in a private villa, which stands right in the middle of the sea. You will not only be surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water, but also by stunning mountain ranges. As you enjoy the gourmet food and the luxurious massages, you may also want to go for a scuba session to see the most breathtaking underwater life and coral reef.

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Charming Switzerland

For honeymooners who love the mountains and the cold, Switzerland is the perfect choice. The snow covered Alps will take your breath away as they reflect on the shimmering lakes. Glistening glaciers, rolling green hills, beautiful cottages and a throng of windowsill flowers truly make this place heavenly.

You can sit back and relax to enjoy the view, or get an adrenaline rush as you snowboard or ski. Of course, a trip to Switzerland can’t be complete without indulging yourself to the world’s finest chocolates.

For the love of Paris

No honeymoon destination list can be complete without Paris—the most romantic city in the world. As you enter the City of Lights, the vintage churches, charming avenues and the beautiful River Seine will welcome you with open arms.

Stroll down one of the world’s most famous streets, the Champs-Élysées boulevard. Enjoy an afternoon at the Louvre, admiring the best pieces of art the world has ever seen. Don’t forget to say hi to the Mona Lisa while you’re at it. And don’t even miss out on the display of lights at the Eiffel Tower.

These five destinations are all perfect for some quality time with your spouse. Getting a personal loan will ensure that you and your partner can choose a destination based on what you two love, instead of what you can afford.

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