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10 Places to Visit in Singapore for Traveling Students

Are you looking for a serene place to go on vacation? How about taking a trip to Singapore? It’s arguably the most urbanized and developed Asian country. This unique country-city has a lot of exciting features that you need to check out. If you’d like to learn more about these spots, continue reading! We’ve put together a list of 10 excellent places you need to visit once you’re in Singapore!


1. The SuperTree Grove Light Show

Here is a sight that’s just amazing! A moment in it feels like you’ve walked into a fairy tale. It’s held in the Bay Gardens each evening where some futuristic looking mushrooms/trees are lit up in various ways. There’s also music which adds some “spice” to the occasion.

Each detail is well-tuned to create a fantastic feeling and an atmosphere full of wonder to stimulate your mind. Even if you’ve been here before, go back and be part of the show as they keep changing the program, for example, changing the genre of music. However, despite such changes, the spectacle is always the same!


2. Eat Some Tasty Seafood

Although life in Singapore is quite expensive, the food is surprisingly cheap. You can get a dish for $2 to $3 while a kilogram of tomatoes costs the same in the supermarket. It’s also advisable to try out the food around the Chinatown district. This local cuisine is quite mouthwatering!


3. Wonderful Spectra – Light and Water Show

Have you had a tiresome semester in college? Well, another great show that will impress you once you visit Singapore is the captivating Spectra – Light and Water Show. It’s merely a choreography involving singing fountains and their projections as they splash. You’ll enjoy the bubbles coming from everywhere plus it’s a holiday that goes on daily. You wouldn’t want to miss it!


4. The Cloud Forest

Have you ever asked yourself how concrete jungles look like? Yes, these are forests built on concrete! In Singapore, they’ve created a new concept using planted walls and artificial waterfalls. Here you can take some pictures, know the rare plants and enjoy the magnificent view of the Marina Bay Sands as you walk around this intriguing world created by man!


5. The Botanic Gardens of Singapore

Are you a science student traveling to Singapore for a vacation? Here is a spectacular place that will ‘blow your mind.’ It’s a beautiful park which allows you to get lost in its alleys. It feels fresh, and modern despite the fact that you can still wake up to find a vast monitor Lizard next to you. There are also different kinds of orchids and of many colors too. Make sure you take a lot of photos to take back home!


6. Haw Par Villa

The Haw Par Villa is one of those places you’ll always see on tourist brochures in Singapore. It’s a weird theme park which showcases ancient Chinese folklore using more than 1000 statues. For instance, you’ll see a demon pitchforking a shark in hell. All in all, it’s a fantastic place, which you need to include in your travel itinerary if you’re in Singapore.


7. The Sentosa Island

If you’ve had enough of sightseeing, go and relax on the sandy beaches of Sentosa. This island resort is popular among the residents of Singapore. Even though it does not carry the beauty and glamour of the resorts in Malaysia, its environment is lively and serene.


8. Enjoy the View of the City from the Singapore Flyer

If you want a panoramic view of the city, go to the observation wheel. It’s one of the most massive Ferris wheels in Asia that gives you a clear view of the city from 540 ft, which is close to 165 m. You’ll have a breathtaking, bird’s eye view of Singapore’s iconic landmarks. Besides, on a good day of clear weather, you can even see Indonesia and Malaysia.


9. The Singapore Zoo

Going to the zoo should be one of your top priorities when you go to Singapore. You can see animals such as giant crocodiles, zebras, lions, rhinoceroses and pygmy hippos. It also has more than 2800 creatures, all representing around 300 species of birds, mammals, and reptiles.


10. Go Shopping

Do you love shopping? If you do, then Singapore is the best place to visit for any crazy shopper. You’ll have loads of fun and enjoy a broader variety of products as compared to places like North America or Europe. What’s more, despite the fact that most people feel that it’s one of the most expensive places to visit, when it comes to clothes, it has some incredibly cheap selections!


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Even though you might not get a chance to visit all of these places, please make sure that you’ve visited at least five. If you’re a student, they are the perfect places to relax and unwind before school reopens. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Singapore today for an unforgettable travel experience!

Author’s Bio: Lucas Cappel is a philosophy tutor and a chief writer at www.affordablepapers.biz. He has a deep-rooted interest in education and believes that traveling can teach you in ways that no books can.

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