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Visiting St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a gem of an island nation located midway down the Eastern Caribbean chain, between Martinique and St. Vincent, and north of Barbados. The west of the island hosts a pair of dramatically tapered mountains, the Pitons, soaring at 2,000 feet from the sea and sheltering magnificent rainforests below. The Caribbean Sea lines the west and the Atlantic borders the eastern shore. St Lucia is home to volcanic beaches, reef-diving, fishing villages and luxury resorts. St Lucia provides secluded, upmarket, romantic places to stay for your Caribbean traveling needs and wants. Your hotel will likely have an outdoor shower, private pool, hammock for two, and a view of the magnificent Pitons. The accommodations will keep you comfortable, but you will not have a shortage of activities outside your door, ranging from relaxing to exhilarating.

When traveling to St. Lucia, the first decision you will be faced with is whether to base yourself in the north or the south of the island. The north is home to the capital city of Castries, blonde beaches, and a plethora of fine dining options and bars. The south cradles the mighty Pitons and, as a result, is much more scenic, tranquil, and offers a lot of outdoor adventures. The beaches in the south are mostly made up of dark volcanic sand, so if hanging out on the beach sits at the top of your to-do list, take that into consideration.


The Pitons

St. Lucia offers arguably one of the most arresting sights in the whole Caribbean: the majestically green volcanic cones of the Petit Piton and Gros Piton emerging out of the crisp blue ocean.

The Pitons provide a unique landscape that can’t be found on any other Caribbean Island. The Pitons offers adventurous and active travelers a challenging yet rewarding climb to the peak of either Gros Piton or Petit Piton. The climb is no walk in the park, but the view from the top is stunning motivation for those who enjoy a good challenge. The Pitons extend undersea as far as they tower above and provide exceptional scuba diving. One of the most famous dives, “Superman’s Flight,” received its name in part for its role in the movie Superman II, where the location was highlighted as Superman flew from the North Pole to fetch a rare orchid to take back for his romantic dinner with Lois Lane. Aside from its blockbuster debut, the dive features currents that provide divers with the sensation of flying effortlessly through the water! Beyond the flying sensation, the dive offers a great variety of colorful reef structures, over 150 species of fish, most of which are colorfully patterned and found in large groups of nearly 1,000. The Pitons provide nothing short of a magical experience, whether soaring above ground on the mountain tops or flying like Superman under the sea.


Pigeon Island National Park

Mountainous Pigeon Island provides a tropical showery climate and is one of the island’s top attractions, as well as being one of its most historic sites. Visitors can explore the island’s naval past, hike to Fort Rodney for an incredible panoramic view, or learn more about the formation of the man-made causeway that connects the island to the mainland. Visitors can journey to Pigeon Island on foot via the causeway or by water taxi. The island also has beautiful clear-water beaches perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing. You can even attend a concert on the island, as it is the site of the annual St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival.


Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party

The longest running street party in St. Lucia that you don’t want to miss. It is a hot spot for visitors and locals alike. Island DJs and local artists fill the streets with contagious beats and contagious Caribbean tunes sure to make you move to the rhythm. Any traveler that loves a good time should definitely wander down to this street party, grab a bite, grab a beer, and dance the night away..



The Caribbean property market provides investors with affordable real estate in subtropical markets that are primed for growth. St. Lucia in particular is ranked as the number one place to do business in the English-speaking Caribbean by the World Bank. The government and judiciary have nurtured stability within the economy, and there are policies in place to protect investors and their customers. Property investors can enjoy waivers on stamp duty and, in some cases, inheritance tax. St. Lucia has also extended citizenship opportunities to those with a net worth over $3,000,000 (USD) in hopes of opening their doors for investors. An increasing amount of markets in the Caribbean have an inventory of move-in-ready properties that are suitable for retirement or investment purposes alike. These investments are still inexpensive, and savvy investors are moving now to capitalize on the opportunity to get in on the ground floor.



As more North Americans invest in the Caribbean treasures, the expat population continues to grow. Making a home for oneself is becoming a seamless and comfortable process alongside a community of like-minded expats soaking up the sun. St. Lucia in particular provides a low key, yet sophisticated luxury option for investors. The island has preserved a sense of scale that remains low key, yet sophisticated. It provides a location to enjoy a tropical, luxury lifestyle, without being intimidated or inundated with a mega-bling crowd. Affordable real estate, forgiving policies, sunny lifestyle, and activities for all ages – do you have your bags packed yet? St. Lucia makes it easy to envision living in this both romantic and realistic paradise.

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