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Self Directed IRA for Investing Overseas Real Estate, Gold, Silver

Set up your Self Directed IRA to be able to invest abroad in international real estate and offshore gold and silver. A self-directed IRA offers the broadest possible investment choices, as account holders can choose pre-tax or post-tax accounts and invest into, typically, more tangible assets.

NuView IRA clients self-direct into alternative investments such as agricultural property, real estate, new business startups, limited partnerships, joint ventures, hard money lending, and tax liens. While each asset class may offer differing risks and rewards, the opportunity to find a niche that an investor can understand and control can be compelling.

NuView IRA offers Traditional, Roth, SIMPLE, and SEP IRAs in addition to Health Savings and Educations Savings Accounts. An individual 401k plan is another popular choice for self-employed individuals. All of these accounts, when held with NuView IRA, can be self-directed. As an administrator, NuView IRA makes it possible for account holders to choose the best investment option based on personal risk tolerance. The account holder makes all the decisions, and NuView IRA ensures your IRA paperwork is in proper order for the IRS.

The IRS only prohibits investments into two asset classes: collectibles and life insurance. Any other investment, from farm land to equipment leasing to secured notes is on the menu for a NuView self-directed IRA.

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