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France’s Importance for France News and France Media

France News

France is located at the center of the European continent, a strategic geographic location that has helped it gain tremendous influence over the rest of the region elevating France’s importance for news and media throughout Europe.

Printed News Media:

  • La Croix (Catholic, daily): A nationally distributed newspaper with 110,000 readers (as of 2009). It offers a ‘human-centered’ approach to its content which is in line with Catholic beliefs.
  • Le Figaro (centre-right, daily): The oldest and second largest publication within France. 320,003 readers (as of 2008).
  • Le Monde (centre-left to moderate, daily): A French daily evening newspaper. 323,039 readers (as of 2009).
  • Le Parisien (daily): Le Parisien offers national and international news. 530,000 readers (as of 2008).
  • La Tribune (economics, daily): Tabloid in style with 78,000 readers (as of 2009).
  • Les Échos (economics, daily): A French-focused financial newspaper.
  • 20 Minutes (daily, free): A newspaper written and published for commuters with 805,000 published and a readership of 2,339,000.
  • Direct Matin (daily, free): Free daily paper focusing on local news, sports, business, jobs, and community events in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille and Marseille.
  • Metro (daily, free): News and local events.

TV Broadcast Media

The shift of the French towards broadcastings and social news through social media has made the journey of TV broadcasting companies far easier than that of printed media in recent years, but it was not always like that. In the mid-seventies, the French Government monopolized both TV and radio through the ORTF agency, and these news outlets stayed under very strict control from the French state. However, at the beginning of the 1980’s, the Government authorized the free broadcasting for all audiovisual media, and it took around two decades for the creation and consolidation of the TV channels and radio stations that exist today.

List of TV news stations in France today:

  • BFM TV: A Next-radio TV channel that broadcasts news throughout the day. Their main focus is on commercial and financial news, although they broadcast general news as well.
  • I-Tele: A news channel is owned by the Canal+ group and broadcasts news all day. Its main themes are both national and international commerce news, but they broadcast news of general interest as well.
  • LCI: A TV news channel belonging to the TF1 Group that broadcasts via the pay-per-view model. Their focus reaches a broad spectrum of news and general interest information.
  • France 24 Live TV: An online TV channel which was the initiative of a group of people who wanted to broadcast ‘free’ news across France. It is always updated and very accessible to viewers.
  • EuroNews TV Channel: An online TV channel that offers a wide range of news from France, as well as Europe.

Radio Stations and Social Media in the French News

Social media networks are common among at least 77% of people in France with popularity for both Facebook and Twitter.

When it comes to radio stations, they also represent one of the big sources of news in France, since radio is the most widespread broadcast media in the country, reaching places that no other medium can reach. Some of the most popular French radio news stations are:

  • Radio France: Radio France is considered the most respected and most popular radio station in France. It broadcasts the latest news from both France and from around the world.
  • Radio France Internationale: This great broadcasting service focuses on delivering French news in more than 20 languages. This station offers the best source of news for non-French speakers.
  • France Inter: This station is considered one of the most interesting and popular radio stations in France; it broadcasts news and other entertaining features.
  • Golfe FM: Golf FM offers an Internet news broadcasting service that delivers news pertaining to France in an all-around-the-clock format.

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