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They said it couldn’t be done…

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…but you’ve done it.

Congratulations, I guess.

You’ve requested a page from our old website that we haven’t yet redirected to a page on our new and improved website. We relaunched escapeartist.com on March 15th.

Thanks for uncovering this missing link. We’ll repair it ASAP.

We apologize for not giving you a better welcome here at the back door. Why don’t you come around to the front door? We’re excited to show you the new escapeartist.com, where you can

  • Scroll through all of EscapeArtist’s insightful articles and helpful references with our new tiled interface.
  • Easily find the advice and information you need using our conveniently organized themes for Living, Working, Playing, Investing, and Retiring, and
  • Have the same great user experience on your computer, your phone, or your tablet.

Altogether, the Internet’s #1 resource for planning and living your life abroad just got a whole lot better. Check it out. We’d love to get your feedback.


The EscapeArtist Team