Jamie Alleyne & Associates Inc

“Jamie Alleyne & Associates Inc. is a boutique Caribbean investment firm. We specialize in citizenship by investment and residency services across the Caribbean countries to include Dominica, Saint Lucia, and Saint Kitts among the other jurisdictions. Our services extend to international business formations, international bank licensing, and yacht registration. We offer a curated list of prime real estate at excellent prices and access to lucrative and varied investment opportunities in the region. We will soon be releasing our handbook for each country, sharing everything from national statistics and government processes to a comprehensive list of private contractors and service providers.“ – Jamie Alleyne

For some of the amazing real estate opportunities offered by Jamie Alleyne and Associates, browse the links below.

Wesley, Dominica – Eden’s Gate
Melville Hall, Dominica – Cottage Estate
Fond Melle, Dominica
Domina- Commercial Building

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