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Your Top 10 Beaches of Central America by TripAdvisor

Your Top 10 Beaches of Central America by TripAdvisor

This list should change it’s name to Costa Rica’s top beaches. We don’t know if the judges were a little bias or if Costa Rica really does have 8 of the top 10 beaches in Central America. The judges of this list are “you” the travelers who have visited beaches all up and down the Central American coast. This list was made by people on tripadvisor. It should be stated that the northern Pacific beaches are much more visited than many beaches in Nicaragua and Guatamala and we are assuming that Belize is not a part of this list as Belize is often put in with Caribbean countries and not part of Central America.

Here is the breakdown with the northern pacific province of Costa Rica, Guanacaste taking home the majority of the prizes. If your looking for a beach vacation in Central America it looks as though a Costa Rica vacation might do the trick.

Top 10 Beaches in Central America

  • Playa Manuel Antonio (Central Pacific, Costa Rica)
  • Playa Samara (North Pacific, Costa Rica)
  • West Bay Beach (West Bay, Honduras)
  • Playa Nosara (Playa Guiones North Pacific, Costa Rica)
  • Playa Santa Teresa (North Pacific, Costa Rica)
  • Playa Avellanes (North Pacific, Costa Rica)
  • Playa Conchal (North Pacific, Costa Rica)
  • Playa Hermosa (North Pacific, Costa Rica)
  • Playa Puerto Viejo (Southern Caribbean, Costa Rica)
  • Playa Blanca (Livingston, Guatemala)


I hope you got value from reading: Your Top 10 Beaches of Central America by TripAdvisor. If you would like additional information about migrating to Costa Rica, please contact our office HERE. Here are a few really interesting articles about Costa Rica, and all the fun you can have whether you are contemplating a vacation or as an investment vehicle.

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