Spa & Fitness Travel Trend

As the “boomer generation” enters into retirement, they are increasingly doing things that people their age did not do in the past. Overwhelmingly, two of the biggest things this generation is doing is travelling and exercising.

Travel is growing as an exceptional trend worldwide. Every year there are more flights to more locations around the globe. There are travel apps available at the touch of your fingertip to your smartphone. More countries worldwide depend on tourism dollars than any time previously. This means greater access to more experiences in more exciting places than you ever thought possible. In particular, retirees are heading off in much greater numbers than previous generations. Many have taken to areas or destinations that offer exceptional climate and geographical features, as well as a choice of accessible man-made fitness facilities. It is not uncommon for fitness enthusiasts to expect to work out wherever they go, even if it is just for a one-week vacation.

The trend of treating your body with any range of invigorating care, from a massage, a workout, a game of tennis, or a swim is popular everywhere. Retirement-age adults today have more access to a greater range of high-quality facilities than others in the past. One of the biggest things people are looking for in their living situation, whether it be for a vacation, a permanent move, or renting or buying a seasonal home, is a place to comfortably and conveniently take care of themselves.

Even walking trails and whole walking communities are surging in popularity due to the added feature of enabling social interaction throughout the community. Community development in this style is known as new urbanism. The aim of the designs of new urbanist communities is to connect people through healthy activity to create a positive community atmosphere. By that same measure, your workout or spa treatments will become your social activities, as well as promoting your overall health and well-being. In this way, the sense of community that much of the modern urban and suburban areas have lost is restored. Imagine living in a comfortable, convenient, healthy, and happy community. This dream is becoming a reality for more and more retirees every day.

Communities that are inclusive of activities like hiking, swimming, sailing, rowing, paddling, and sports such as beach volleyball or tennis are growing in popularity and quality. Walking, running, and weight training are still common choices as well, and the more of these options a community can include, the more attractive it is to homebuyers or travelers. Developers using principles of new urbanism in their designs have recently begun to create more welcoming spaces for the whole family to be involved in the community. When you can get your kids and grandkids to engage in activity, away from their smartphones and video games, the whole family can have a good time together. Somewhere that the kids can enjoy a swim while you play a game of tennis is an ideal example of multi-feature facilities.

To visit somewhere that combines the trends of travel and fitness, why not choose something tropical? Great weather is the best compliment to trying someplace new.

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