The Most Popular Travel Destinations for Halloween

While many people decide to spend Christmas or Easter in a new location, Halloween is becoming an increasingly popular holiday for travel as well. If you’re traveling abroad to Europe for Halloween, don’t forget to keep get your EHIC and e111 renewal sorted early to give you a scare-free break.

With many countries and regions adopting their own Halloween traditions, there is plenty to do and experience if you choose to travel abroad during this time of year.

Frightened in Ireland

Also known as Samhain Night, Halloween in Ireland traditionally marked the end of the harvest and dates back to medieval times. However, Halloween isn’t just a one-day event in modern Ireland. Carnivals, parties, and ghost tours take place for around nine days in October, and there are plenty of family-friendly events on the agenda.

Spooked in Salem

Synonymous with the infamous witch trials in the 17th century, Halloween is celebrated all month long in Salem, Massachusetts. In addition to tours of the nearby museum, there are a range of activities to take part in, such as magic shows, reenactments, and parties.

With so many people traveling to Salem throughout the year, the area has developed a range of amenities, such as hotels and restaurants – it’s ideal for holidaymakers or tourists.

Terrified in Transylvania

Where better to spend Halloween abroad than in Transylvania itself? The exquisite gothic architecture and spooky ambiance bring Bram Stoker’s Dracula to life. Encouraged to bring costumes, tourists are particularly welcome during October, when there are plenty of live shows and entertainment options available. With special Halloween tours of Bran Castle available, for example, visitors are sure to get a thrill traveling abroad in Transylvania.

Petrified in Paris

With beautiful scenery and a wealth of culture, do you really need an excuse to visit this beautiful city? If so, Halloween could be the ideal inspiration. While local bars, restaurants, and cafes host numerous parties and events in the lead up to Halloween, you could also experience the holiday at the famous Disneyland Paris.

Running throughout the month of October, Disneyland Paris has an array of spooky themes and features – and even some visits from well-known Disney villains. Ideal for people of all ages, the Disneyland Paris Halloween Party on the 31st of October offers a fun and memorable night for everyone.
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Brave in Belgium

Known as Belgium’s Halloween City, Ostend celebrates the holiday in numerous different ways. With the city decked out in spooky paraphernalia and ghoulish figures, there is plenty to see as you stroll through the cobbled streets.

With carnivals, fairs, and parties taking place throughout October, you have the whole month to explore the city and take part in Halloween-themed events.

Scared in Spain

With events taking place across the country, there are many ways to celebrate Halloween abroad in Spain. In Barcelona, for example, there are outdoor festivals, street fairs, and even events on the beach. With the Chestnut Festival also taking place on November 1st, and celebrations for the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos, you’ll find plenty of ways to have fun traveling abroad in Spain this Halloween!