How to Pack for a Perfect Vacation

Whether you are going for a weekend getaway or a two-week beach holiday, it is important that you have included all the necessary things when packing. If you are not good at packing, don’t worry. Follow the tips below to make sure your next vacation goes off without a hitch.

Having a List

Even though it seems tedious to jot down all the things you need for your holiday, it surely comes in handy. List every important item and, one by one, check them off as you pack them. This way you can ensure that you have brought all the essentials while away from home.  

Go for Vacuum Pack

Usually, most people choose the conventional way of packing their clothes, i.e. folding and stacking. Well, this is an outdated method that takes up too much room in your suitcase. While packing, you can save a significant amount of space by rolling all your clothes, instead of folding them, and putting them in vacuum compression bags. Once you have stuffed your clothes in the bag, squeeze the air out. This will help you maximize space to leave room for more essential items.

Cubing Your Clothes

How to Pack for a Perfect Vacation

Another practical packing method is to use packing cubes – these will come in handy when separating many different items. Above all, it will facilitate easy and quick access to all your items.

Filling the Empty Spaces

When you are packing for your dream vacation, make sure you don’t leave empty spaces in your suitcase. You can utilize the empty spaces by rolling up your socks, underwear, tops, and other various small items and stuffing them in your shoes to ensure that all the empty space is filled.

Ziploc Bags

If you cannot survive without your favorite gadgets and you want to carry them along with you on your vacation, then you need to have Ziploc bags. For headphones, smartphone chargers, adapters, and camera chargers, plastic bags are great to protect these electronics. They are also great for storing medications, toiletries, or loose accessories.

Making Fragrances Invincible

If you are carrying your favorite perfume or shaving cologne, make sure you have transferred them to a plastic bag for travel. This will help you avoid any situation of spilling or breaking the bottle.

Avoid Carrying Guidebooks

How to Pack for a Perfect Vacation

Instead of carrying around heavy guidebooks, choose to photocopy the important pages that you might need. This will help you in saving a significant amount of space and reducing the overall weight of the suitcase. On the other hand, you can get yourself an e-book reader and download your favorite books.

Weigh Your Luggage

Get yourself a luggage scale and weigh your luggage before you reach the airport. This will help you to know whether you meet the weight limit or not, forcing you to decide what to include and what things you can leave out.

Go for a Lighter Suitcase

While purchasing a suitcase, it is important not to buy a swanky one as it will only end up attracting thieves at the airport. Try and keep yourself as simple as possible, whether it is your clothing or a suitcase. You should also go for a lightweight suitcase, making it more comfortable to wheel around and also ensuring that it meets the weight requirements once it’s full. Keep one thing in mind, flashy is not always the best.  

Know Your Limits

Usually, the baggage allowance is one thing that will vary from airline to airline. You can learn more about the baggage allowance by dialing the British Airways customer service contact number. It is imperative you have understood the luggage allowance for your airline, so you don’t have to pay extra charges.   

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