How Living Overseas is Making the World Better

It may seem like a strange claim that living overseas could make the world better, but the reason is that each person who makes the decision to relocate abroad is made better by that decision. You learn about new cultures, you help boost the economy, and you broaden your horizons. Wouldn’t a world full of more open-minded people like you be a better one?

Learning new things
Start by learning a new language. You’ll begin to pick up on the language that’s being spoken in your country of choice. Even if the national language is English, there are usually a lot of people speaking another language as well. Broaden your horizons by opening up to this new culture and learning more about their way of life. Learning their language is a great first step.

You’ll gain a new perspective that you might not have considered before you tried living in another country. Because you’re experiencing a new way of life, things like cultural differences will be apparent, and you can learn and grow from them.

Meeting new people
By traveling to new places and settling into a new country, you’re opening yourself up for the possibility to make new connections. You’ll meet people from all walks of life and learn new ways to connect, making you a much more well-rounded person.

Many expats say that when they go out into the world, they are met with plenty of questions, because people are so curious to meet and learn about each other. Consider how much better of a place the world would be if we were all more open to getting to know each other and to experiencing different walks of life.

Opening your mind
Learning new things and meeting new people will help guide this process. You’ll learn how to navigate new cities and places, and you’ll grow more comfortable with change. These new qualities will help you to open your mind. Imagine a world full of open minds!

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Gaining a new perspective
When you live overseas, you experience life under a new government. You learn about the politics and the culture of a new area, and this gives you a new view of how your own country operates. Maybe you prefer one style of governing over another. Maybe you don’t feel strongly about one government over another, but you’ve still gained this new perspective.

Boosting the economy
When you travel to countries that aren’t as well known, you not only bring more attention to those countries (which help boost the tourism profits), but you bring what you have to offer as well. You’re contributing by purchasing a property, a means of transportation, or even just buying groceries. Many countries can use this type of growth and are grateful for the boost.

The truth is, the experience of living abroad helps a person grow so much in ways that are important for all of us. The whole world benefits from a large population of intelligent, cultured, well-rounded, and open-minded people.

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