Little Known Credit Card Travel Perks

Okay, so you have probably heard of credit card rewards such as air miles, reward points, and cash back, but credit cards offer a lot more travel perks than meet the eye. We have compiled some of the less-known credit card travel perks you could be missing out on. Please note that not all credit cards offer these perks, so you should check your card details first before attempting to take advantage of these.

Little Known Credit Card Travel PerksFree Travel Insurance:

Yup, you heard it right, some credit cards now come with travel insurance so you might want to check to see if your credit card does too. According to the folks at Credit Card NZ, travel insurance that comes free with credit cards is comparable to an annual multi-trip travel insurance because it covers you for multiple trips and offers a similar level of cover.  

Free Concierge Service:

This is perhaps one of the least know perks of credit cards. A credit card concierge service can be very valuable especially if you are time poor. You can just pick up your phone and ask your concierge service for information or help and they will gladly help you out. Your credit card concierge service can even book tickets and flights for you using your credit card. Keep in mind you would need to pay for any purchases with your credit card.

Purchase Protection:

Some credit cards offer “purchase security insurance” which according to the folks at Westpac, covers you against loss, theft or accidental damage across a wide range of products! Incredible isn’t it? You no longer have to worry about losing your phone or your laptop being stolen while backpacking. Make sure you check the list of products covered by the insurance provided.

Global Entry or TSA PreCheck: 

Want to skip the annoying queues at the airport security check? Tired of going through a body scanner or taking off your shoes at the airport? The Global Entry or TSA PreCheck fee refund feature of some credit cards allows you to do that in the US. What’s more, you can also beat the customs queues on your way back into the US by using the self-service boots.

TSA PreCheck is offered by the Transport Security Administration of the United States and the Global Entry trusted traveler program is offered by the US Customers and Border protection agency and both offer similar benefits to travelers.

Global Entry or TSA PreCheck is a must have if offered as part of your credit card and you are a frequent traveler. All applicants for both TSA PreCheck or Global Entry are subjected to rigorous background checks and must attend an interview to be enrolled in the program.

Airport VIP Lounge Access:

The Airport Lounge Access feature is fairly well known but most people do not quite appreciate what this entails. Many people think of it as a glorified lounge room but in actual fact, VIP lounges can offer a lot more such as free food, drinks, movies, WiFi, printing of boarding passes, etc. Some airport lounges even offer showers and pods for sleeping. So don’t overlook your free VIP lounge access. Drop in and you might be pleasantly surprised.

No-Foreign Transaction Fees:

Let’s face it, carrying a whole lot of cash with you while traveling is risky and can put a damper on your holiday, but you do it anyway to avoid the high forex fees. Some credit cards allow you to use your credit card for purchases overseas just like you would use it at home without incurring any foreign exchange fees.

Price Rewind:Consumer Resource Guide

Whether you are traveling or overseas, some credit cards offer price rewind which guarantees that if you buy something with your credit card and price later drops within a given period (usually within 30 days) the credit card issuer will refund the difference.

Rental Car Insurance:

Some high-end credit cards offer rental car insurance for free. Rental car insurance protects you in case of a car accident whether you are at fault or not, but depending on how long you rent the car for, rental car insurance can be expensive.

Roadside Assistance:

Roadside assistance can be very helpful especially when you are traveling in a foreign country because it protects you in case your rental vehicle breaks down and you need help to get to a mechanic. 

CAUTION: As a word of caution, you generally have to pay for the service using your credit card to be eligible for the insurance provided by the credit card. For example, you have to pay for your car rental with your credit card to be eligible for the rental car insurance or roadside assistance offered by the credit card provider.

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