How to find authentic travel experiences

The other day, I was having a conversation with one of my friends who was planning an excursion to France. He really seemed excited to make it an unforgettable experience. He was of the view that he wants to skip Cannes and Paris as he thought that these two are the most visited cities of France. I must admit that I really got attracted to the concept of making the whole excursion unforgettable, because quite frankly that’s the exact nature that I bear. I was really disappointed about hearing the non-inclusion of two cities as both these cities have great tourist attractions and dream cities to explore for any visitor.


Well, I don’t think it is worth visiting France and not visit Cannes and Paris, one cannot miss out the natural beauty and attractions of these cities. It is imperative to make a selection for the places that appeal to you for all the right reasons. But, to ignore the cities which tourists, across the world, dream of visiting seems very awkward.

The place should not, ideally, be a deciding element to have an unforgettable experience. If you ask my opinion, what you do and the way in which you really want to spend your time at a particular place matters. Here is how you can find authentic travel experiences –

*Don’t overlook the main attractions – First and foremost, tourist attractions of a particular place makes it unique as compared to other places. So, the rule of thumb should be not to overlook the key tourist attractions. You can carry out a research in which you can explore the timings when the number of visitors are on the lower side. The key tip here is to initiate a plan in the off-season.

*Knowing what the locals do – The other thing that you can make your excursion more interesting is to be familiar with all those things that the locals, of that area, love to do.


Make sure that you make a plan for such things beforehand and don’t forget to follow it religiously.

*Seek the assistance of a local guide – Having a local guide will do a world of good. Whether you will be using him/her for sightseeing or just having a look around of the areas. The local guides are much more familiar the related stories of that area and nearby areas as well. When you talk about other guides, they are not in a better position of guiding you the right way as they lack the in-depth facts and figures of that particular place.

*Explore nearby areas of the city – Make sure that you take some time out and explore the places. To make the trip more interesting choose a place which is not known to you and it is upto whether you want to go by car, by train or by air. If you have chosen the option of traveling by air then you can choose the services of British Airlines. Choose a way which is not frequently used by the visitors.

*Choosing your place to stay – While choosing a place to stay, make sure that you don’t go for the conventional hotels. One such places are crowded with other visitors and secondly it would lack the exclusivity element. Opting for accommodations, which are located in a neighborhood, can be a good option without a doubt. Ensure that it is away from the hustle bustle of a the city amidst the natural habitat.

*Eating Out – The food of the tourist destination have a great relevancy. Make sure that when you plan to dine out, avoid going to the city center and leading food chains.


When you really feel like eating you should always overlook the tourist menu and all those places where the staff bait you to enter their respective restaurants. You can inquire the locals about the places where they eat and try to eat the local food.

*Being familiar with the dialect – Before going to a particular place, in this case France, if you are well-versed with French language then it would be surely an added advantage. This would help you to conversate with the locals in a better way. This will surely make you feel that you are on an excursion, away from home.

*Shopaholic – If you are one of those individuals who loves to shop then it is advisable that you should avoid shopping for the recognized brands as you can enjoy shopping for them at your place as well. Instead, it is advisable to explore small boutiques and artisan workshops. The best part about shopping at such places is that you get to buy traditional and stuff where the qualities of the native place is reflected.

*Enjoy Strolling – France is known to have some of the beautiful streets. Rue Cremieux, Rue Saint-Antoine, Rue des Rosiers and Cour du Commerce Saint-André are some of the prettiest streets to stroll.


Such cities and various others can be best explored by foot. You don’t want to waste your time while being stuck in a traffic jam.

*Explore the neighborhood – Make sure that you take your time to explore a neighborhood and ensure that you keep a check on what is happening around you. This will surely help you in blending in the atmosphere.

So, whether you have planned a trip to France or you have other plans for your excursion, the above discussed methods will surely assist you in having the best travel experience.


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