Here’s How Gaming Can Fuel Your Wanderlust

Traveling is fantastic, it lets you broaden your horizons, encounter different cultures, and experience new things. However, not everyone can travel as freely as they’d like.

Instead, they have to settle for living vicariously through literature, film, or television, but no media type is as immersive as video games. Whether it be in the form of Online Casino Games UK, major console titles, or smartphone apps, video games can transport you to another place entirely. So here are four games that can fuel your Wanderlust as an alternative to real travel.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Not many games take you to such a variety of landscapes than the last instalment in Naughty Dog’s Uncharted franchise.

From a luxurious mansion in the Italian countryside, to a Madagascan port city and even a derelict prison in Panamá, the game’s enthralling single-player campaign takes you to an array of beautiful locations.

What’s more, with Naughty Dog’s in-house award winning game engine, the surroundings look incredibly realistic, making you feel as if you were really there.

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

What’s great about video games is that they can take you to fantastical locations you could never dream of finding in real life. Skyrim is an open-world action fantasy role playing game developed by Bethesda and has taken inspiration from some of the world’s most beautiful hidden locations.

For example, one of the first places you will visit in the game is Riverwood, a small village which was actually inspired by the archaeological open-air museum Biskupin in Poland.

Dragonsreach, a focal point in the game’s story, bares a remarkable resemblance to Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, and The Rift forest looks exactly like the clonal colony of Aspen trees in Utah called the Trembling Giant.

However, unlike their real world counterparts, each of the locations you travel to in Skyrim have the added danger of dragons!

Red Dead Redemption

Ever wanted to go back in time and live out your life as a cowboy, governed by your own rules as an outlaw? Well, with Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption, you can do exactly that.Consumer Resource Guide

Letting you travel across the entirety of America’s old west on horseback, as well as Mexico and the mountainous regions of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Arizona, the third-person open-world action shooter is as heart wrenching as it is vast.  

Plus, with the recent release of the game’s much anticipated sequel, there’s even more of America’s bygone era and environment for you to explore.

Sleeping Dogs

A cult classic for gamers, Sleeping Dogs is a crime thriller set in the streets of Hong Kong.

Throughout the game, you’ll pass many of the city’s famous landmarks including the Bank of China Tower, the Jumbo Floating Restaurant, and the entertainment district of SoHo

So, if you’re unable to afford a flight to this cosmopolitan city, buy a copy of Sleeping Dogs for the ultimate authentic Hong Kong experience.

The next time you find yourself daydreaming of a far-flung exotic location, consider picking up one of the games we’ve mentioned above to help satisfy your wanderlust.   

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