Gourmet Cycling Tours: How to be Active and Eat Well on Your European Holiday

Vacationing abroad in Europe is a fantastic way to see the old world. The history spans hundreds, if not thousands, of years in many locations, including Spain, Italy and France. The best way to see these lands is through gourmet cycling tours. These luxurious rides are more detailed than your standard tours where you seem to sweat and struggle through each day. In fact, you’ll be comfortably active and well fed throughout a gourmet trip. Get to know how you can balance those cravings and activity levels as you explore vast countryside within Europe.

Pick Your Cycling Level

Be as active as you desire on a luxury bike tour. During each outing, you have a choice of either beginning, moderate, or advanced pathways. Challenge yourself when you’re ready to hit the advanced route, or create a leisurely day with a relatively flat path from the beginner’s level. 

Most tours don’t have this kind of versatility. A single pathway is often your only choice. You won’t miss out on any excursions or points of interest either. The tour guide ensures that you experience everything that you desire regardless of your activity level. 

Nibble Along the Way

Don’t bike under the impression that you’re going to simply zone out on the road. You’re being active, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need fuel. Pick gourmet tours with vans that travel along with you. At your leisure, take a break in the van as the tour continues on. During this break, nibble on snacks and drinks.

Most gourmet tours offer regional delicacies as your snacks, so that the experience has a certain level of complexity. Enjoy cheeses, trail mixes, and regional fruits that light up your palate.

Don’t Forget About Food-and-Drink-Driven Excursions

Your cycling adventure isn’t limited to just snacks and three square meals each day. There are countless excursions to take across Europe as a visitor or potential resident-in-the-making. Pick outings that include a cooking or tasting feature. 

These adventures are normally within local eateries or private residences. Your hosts are the local people who thrive in these areas. Learn how to eat like a native Spaniard, Frenchman, or Italian. Foods locally sourced will thrill your mind and body, as herbs and cooking techniques impress anyone on the road.

Stop for a Light Lunch

You’ll be cycling for a good part of the day. Eating a heavy lunch isn’t normally a good idea for anyone’s digestive system. Most gourmet tours offer a light lunch within a given town or city. Explore the shops and restaurants as you take a breather from the exercise. A light lunch might include a small entree, salad, bread, and a drink. Your tour guide lets you know when it’s time to hit the road again. Don’t be afraid to try something new as you read over the various menus in the community.

Ask for Suggestions

One of the perks of cycling with a gourmet tour is the guide’s expertise. Don’t expect to be dropped off for lunch while the guide disappears. They’re highly trained individuals who have intimate knowledge of the region. Ask them about certain foods that you’re curious to try. They might respond with unique answers, including:

• Trying a pub for the appetizers
• Knocking on a private door to find a local chef ready to serve you
• Exploring a cafe that’s normally frequented by locals

Arrive Early for Dinner

Standard tours often have you cycling for many hours in the afternoon. You might arrive at the hotel well after dinnertime. In contrast, gourmet tours are entirely different. Arrive in the early or mid-afternoon to relax before dinner. Your body has a chance to unwind before the main meal.

These dinners are normally at Michelin-star restaurants too. Dress to impress at dinner while you enjoy delicacies that are only found in these eclectic regions. Rushing around before dinner isn’t the most comfortable way to enjoy your vacation.

Strive for Balanced Meals

You can remain active on the open road when you balance your meals with proteins, fruits, vegetables, and grains. You can still indulge during your meals, but mix up the food selections as you travel from city to city. Try a few of these regional delights:

• French cheese
• Italian pasta
• Spanish paella

By exposing yourself to these fresh ingredients, you’ll create a balanced meal without much effort. As a result, you’ll have enough energy to explore new locations tomorrow.

Relax the Body With Hotel-Spa Packages

Between your arrival and dinnertime, complement your activity and eating experiences with a pampering service. Spa packages often include these pleasures:

• Massages
• Facials
• Acupressure

Pick a service that will help you relax as the day’s workout tires your muscles. Each region has a distinct take on the standard massage, so trying one or more of these services will only enhance your trip. Be relaxed and ready for tomorrow’s adventure with a spa treatment that works.

Enjoy Room Service

Each nightly stay will have various amenities. Explore each property so that you can get the most out of your stay. Eating well at dinner has its limitations, and you might be hungry again as the later hours commence. 
Consumer Resource GuideAsk if room service or late supper is available. Europeans have different habits when it comes to dining or snacking. You might come upon standard, room service for your group. Alternatively, nightly desserts and coffee might be on tap. Being open to new experiences will give you a lifetime of memories.

Listen to Your Body Along the Way

Eating well and getting plenty of exercise keeps most travelers going for the duration of the cycling tour. However, don’t forget to listen to your body. You may need to try a beginner’s pathway the next day because of certain aches and pains. Take it easy if you notice these concerns, including:

• Joint aches
• Sore muscles

It’s highly unlikely that you’d have any injuries on a vacation tour abroad in Europe, but don’t push yourself too far either. Being healthy, happy, and exposed to new experiences are all goals within the gourmet-cycling world.

Your European holiday may turn into a yearning to live abroad in this beautiful region. Start your research on a cycling tour today. It’s possible to exercise at your own pace while indulging in local delicacies. The European countryside is waiting for you to explore its history as you cruise across the land.

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