Entertainment for Rich Tourists: How to Make Your Journey Fun

Rich tourists are enticed by various types of trips including regular sightseeing or gourmet tours, as well as more exotic entertainment like casino tourism or adventures. There are lots of travel agencies that work with affluent travelers only. Tour guides create unique routes and even invent new types of tourism for people who can pay for it.

There are not so many fans of luxury traveling, however, the industry of personalized tourism is huge. Resonance reports that 5% of rich Americans spend around $390 billion per year on their travels.

So, how exactly do rich people travel? What are their preferences? Let’s reveal together!

Demands of Rich Tourists

It’s clear that people who can afford nearly everything will not opt for ordinary tours each summer. Big money means big demands, just because the rich are bored with regular sea voyages. There are three main perks that affluent travelers ask for:

  1. Unique experience. Something that is unavailable for others, like a dinner with the Queen or a golf match on the Moon. Sure, this unique experience may be more realistic but it has to be unusual.
  2. Individual approach. This includes personal assistants, separate apartments, specific food/drink lists, etc. The tour scenario should be personalized as well.
  3. Better value. Rich tourists don’t look for discounts or sales. Instead, they want to get really valuable offers for any price. Simply put: “experience > bed and breakfast”.

Top Entertainment Approaches

Rich tourists love uniqueness and value, so they are ready to pay insane money for both unusual and simply top-rated leisure.

All Inclusive

Probably, it’s the most ‘usual’ type of holiday for rich tourists. It includes staying in the top-rated hotel with all possible entertainments. Usually, it means that guests have access to all rooms and territories like pools, gyms, cinemas, nightclubs, and so on. The more exotic services the hotel offers, the more rich people visit it.

“All inclusive” tours are offered everywhere around the globe:

  • Seas and beaches: Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Tunisia, Italy, Spain, France, the UAE
  • Mountains: Switzerland, France, Austria, Georgia, Nepal, the USA, Chile
  • Cities and culture: almost all historic sites in Europe, Asia, and America

Wildlife Holidays

There are wealthy people who ignore ordinary “all inclusive” stuff and focus on something fresh and different from their daily routine. Let’s say, wildlife!

Jean-Michel Jefferson from Ahipara Luxury Travel claims that the better-off tourists want to feel something “authentic and deep”. More inspired travelers might want to live in tents or yurts, cook for themselves, and feel how the predecessors lived.

All in all, wildlife trips for wealthy people include various activities depending on the location they choose:

  • Visits to local tribes
  • Hunting and safari tours
  • Agricultural experience
  • Jailoo and ethnic tourism

New Skills

Most affluent travelers know how to do business, but they are surrounded by armies of householders, drivers, nurses, and other helpers who facilitate their everyday life. That’s why ‘skill’ tours are becoming more and more popular. They are divided into two types:

  1. Regular everyday skills like cooking, cleaning, driving.
  2. Unusual unique skills like riding bulls, mixing perfumes, playing banjos.

The second type is in more demand because it allows diving into a new culture and getting new experiences. Let’s say, rich women fly to Paris to learn about ancient mastery of creating new perfumes, while men travel to Saudi Arabia to participate in falcon hunting.

Casinos and GamblingConsumer Resource Guide

Not all travelers prefer sunbathing, exploring mountains or old European castles. Some just want to gamble. Casino tourism is a rising trend in the industry that attracts millions of travelers every year. There are even tourist-only gambling establishments in the Caribbean, Goa, Macau, which act as an added benefit for rich travelers. In Macau alone, the gross gaming revenue ran up to $33 billion in 2017.

As a rule, such trips include visiting land-based casino facilities, but some avid gamblers also opt for online casinos that might be restricted in the countries they came from. Rich tourists pay attention to the quality of both casino types, and even set their own criteria:

  • For land-based casinos: solid reputation; a variety of games; extra entertainments for high rollers like VIP rooms, free transport, invite-only events.
  • For online casinos: high security; safe deposits and withdrawals; clear terms and conditions; cryptocurrency support; bonuses for high rollers.

There are rich players that can gamble away a fortune – up to $1 million in a weekend! However, big-money gambling may be dangerous as it often leads to addiction. It’s in the nature of gambling that there are no guarantees of winnings. And as compulsive gambling goes into gear, there are more websites like NAFGAH.org, helping gambling addicted people to become aware of their problem.

The Weirdest Requests

In conclusion, it’s worth checking out some of the weirdest requests as well as ideas of luxury travel agents:

  • Organize an elephant ride from a chalet to a mountain hill
  • Light up the traveler’s name with fireworks near a ski track
  • Become homeless for a few days
  • Arrange a rat hunt in the basement of an abandoned mansion
  • Participate in Rio Carnival as a dancer

Impressed? So are we! But these are real-world scenarios which prove that sometimes wealthy people are full of fads and fancies.

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