Canada Expects a Landslide Growth in Tourism from India by 2020

Over the recent years, Indians have started taking foreign trips more seriously. With lakhs of Indians visiting various foreign destinations every year, the subcontinent of India is definitely contributing to some major tourism economy of the world. One of the countries which has shown exponential growth over the recent years is definitely Canada. In an interview with The Times of India, Destination Canada Regional Managing Director, Europe, Australia and India, Rupert Peters has said, “We saw a record number of 2.5 lakh Indians visiting Canada in 2017, which was a 17.37 per cent increase from 2016. However, we would like to be cautious while projecting growth but we expect a 7 per cent rise in footfalls from India in 2018 compared to last year.” At this rate it is only expected that in the next two years it is about to hit double digits of growth in tourism from India.

With the introduction of online visa application and more streamlined processing for Canadian visas for Indians as well as India visas for Canadians, it is so much easier to get a visa these days, which reduces a major amount of hassle that people earlier had to undergo when it came to visiting the country. Canada has, over the years, worked on making its visa procedures easier and better, while still ensuring proper levels of quality control. After the Trudeau government was elected to power, the political relations between the country has improved exponentially as the new government is extremely keen on improving diversity and, thus, fostering better political relationships. This has contributed directly to an increase in tourism between the countries. The Canadian government has a number of ministers of Indian origin and, with the 150th year of Canada, a number of Canadian ministers have visited India over the months to promote tourism as well as a healthy political relationship with the nation. As India has been experiencing a growing number of Canadian tourists visiting the country, Canada sees an exponential growth in tourists from India, too, and this is expected to grow as well.

Another major factor which contributed to the massive growth of tourism to Canada from India is the large number of flights flying between the countries. India is a rapidly developing country, on its way to becoming a major economic and political power over the next decade or so, and this has improved the overall economic conditions for its people as well. With better employment opportunities, and salaries at par with international industry standards, the quality of living has definitely improved, which has led to the growth of foreign travel. Previously, traveling abroad was a prerogative of the rich and the privileged only – and now with these improved situations, the middle class is traveling to various countries across the globe like never before. This has led to an increase in the number of flights between the countries as well. The cherry on top has been the launch of Air Canada’s service of non-stop flights from Toronto to Mumbai.

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