The Best Cycling Roads in Marmaris, Turkey

If you are a fan of beautiful spots and fancy cycling, Marmaris in Turkey is an area you won’t want to miss – with numerous gems that can be discovered along the coast or deep in the countryside. You are not required to take a bicycle along with you on your travels, because you can easily rent one once you arrive in Turkey. You must, however, understand that Turkey has a hilly terrain and the routes you choose are going to give you a tough time. You can rest assured that your trip will give you an opportunity to cycle around some of the most beautiful spots and and create a host of memories which you will never want to forget.

Turunc to Icmeler

If exploring the area is on your mind, you should try cycling from one coastal town to another when abroad in Turkey. You will be led out of the town and into the country when you chose the road between Turunc and Icmeler. You will be snaking through the greenery of the woods before appearing on the streets again at your destination. This journey is around 8 miles long, and after you have reached Icmeler, you can discover the local market, wander around the town, or even enjoy the beach.


Turunc to Kumlubuk

You can reach the next beautiful bay near the ancient town of Amos if you head out of Turunc in the opposite direction. You just need to continue following the coast until you reach the town of Kumlubuk, which is just ahead of you. This road is mostly inland from the coast, but you can get a couple of great sea views at certain points on the way. Just ensure that you stop at Amos to explore the ancient ruins. The city wall from this ancient settlement is from the Hellenistic period and has been well preserved.

Marmaris to Icmeler

You cannot afford to ignore the promenade between Marmaris and Icmeler, which offers you easy cycling with its coastal Consumer Resource Guideviews and runs for an entire 5 miles. This is a route which is good for cycling throughout the year. You have the option of returning back along the same way or traveling back via the road inland, if you intend to make it a circular route. You must remember that the circular route will take you around for 20 miles, therefore, you are advised to take this route in cooler weather.


Karaca is a town overlooking the Gulf of Gokova and can take you to the other side of the Marmaris Peninsular. The cycle route will begin from the bay on the south of Karaca and will take you inland close to Yesil Belde Koyu before rising and looping around the countryside to Karaca. You will get an opportunity to admire blue water from the bay, which is as beautiful as the coastline.

Marmaris to Datca

If you intend to have an extended tour abroad in Turkey, you are advised to do it in stages – and the Marmaris to Datca route is one which is better seen than described. The route offers you an opportunity to enjoy the popular coastal city of Marmaris along with its harbours and shops before you head inland from the bay, finding your way down the peninsula by going through the countryside. A number of tourists visit this city by boats, and the beautiful coastline it has will give you an indication of why this place is extremely popular among tourists. You may very well begin to admire the coastline and the many coves and bays which you will get to explore.

The Marmaris government is presently working on the road project for bicycle lanes, and it is considered to be the first project of this type in the entire country. The Marmaris municipality has begun to work on the network of bicycle lanes which are anticipated to be completed within three months. This is apart from the already existing cycling lane located by the seaside in Icmeler, but is used by both cyclists and pedestrians. The new lanes are expected to provide additional convenience along with a better experience for everyone in the resort of Marmaris – and also to encourage the local community to utilize bicycles as a mode of transportation.

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