Aussie Man Experience: From Sydney to Buenos Aires and Back

What is there to say about Buenos Aires other than, simply, wow! Wonderful Argentina has taken my breath away and stolen my heart; I have learned so many things from this marvelous adventure that I want to share with the world. So, here are the things you need to know and think about before starting your adventure in Argentina.

Over the past few years, Argentina became one of the world’s most popular tourist
destination, with its famous steaks and delightful wine. The land of sensual Tango Argentino has completely mesmerized me and I simply cannot wait to visit again.

Learn Some Spanish

Aussie Man Experience: From Sydney to Buenos Aires and Back

Before I start sharing my experience of the trip, I would like to point out something: Even though English is spoken in Buenos Aires, you should learn some basic Spanish to avoid miscommunication. You can find simple lessons on YouTube or use an app such as Duolingo to help you get the basics to work on during your trip.

Pay Attention!

Pay attention when exchanging currencies. Argentina has had a major financial crisis in the past, and that is why the currency is low and the exchange rate is bad. Check the rates online and try to find the best exchange rate. The best way is to exchange money in the bordering countries such as Uruguay where the exchange rate is much better.

Sydney, My Second Home

My story begins in Sydney, where I was catching the flight to Buenos Aires. I spent a couple of days in one of my favorite cities in the whole world and just relaxed and walked around. I’ve found a list of soul food restaurants that are recommended all over the internet, made a list of top five I want to check out, and enjoyed nice food. I decided to spoil myself a bit and chose a luxurious north shore accommodation for two days before the real tough adventure begun. Somehow, every time I visit Sydney I feel like I have lived there for a long time, everything is new and familiar at the same time, and I simply feel like I’m home. That’s what I love the most about it.

Why Argentina?

Aussie Man Experience: From Sydney to Buenos Aires and Back

At first, I was drawn to Argentina because of the food, drinks, music, and dance, but the more that I was preparing for the trip, the more I learned about the country and its history – I was falling in love with its rich culture, wonderful customs, and famous tango.

I was fascinated by its history and the fact that the name Argentina comes from the Latin term “Argentum,” which means silver that dates back to the 16th century. It is the second-largest country in South of America and you can easily visit Chile while you are exploring Argentina. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of that on my first trip, but it is on my to-do list for the next time.

First Impressions

Aussie Man Experience: From Sydney to Buenos Aires and Back

The first thing I noticed about Buenos Aires was the European influence (no wonder it is called the Paris of the Americas). The city abounds in wonderful architecture thanks to the rebuilding project that was finished at the beginning of the 20th century. I was astounded by the Avenida de Mayo, the world’s widest boulevard and mesmerized with all the neoclassical domes on top of the corner buildings in the Avenida Sáenz Peña.


A Touch of History and Architecture

Casa Rosada – Pink House, located on the eastern side of Plaza de Mayo, is where the famous balcony is, the balcony from which Eva Perón addressed supporters. It was such an unusual experience, I kept singing the lyrics of the “Don’t cry for me, Argentina” song – I was under the influence of the historical spot, what can I say.

Aussie Man Experience: From Sydney to Buenos Aires and Back

I was so happy to see Centro Cultural Kirchner, a former central post office building that Néstor Kirchner himself proposed to turn into a cultural center. This monumental building takes up an entire city block, it is eight stories tall and has multiple galleries, event venues, auditoriums, as well as Ballena Azul, the 1800-seat concert hall with high-quality world-class acoustics.

Poetic Outdoors

I’ve spent most of my sightseeing free time in Bosques de Palermo – Palermo Woods parkland, simply wandering around, exploring small lakes and charming gazebos, or soaking in the early morning sunbeams, enjoying fresh air and the wonderful smell of roses from the Rosedal nearby. In the park you can see a monument to literary – El Jardín de Los Poetas (the Garden of Poets), that kind of gives a whole new perspective to parks. I love reading and enjoy poetry, so this made me feel peaceful and joyful at the same time.

Cementerio de la Recoleta is probably one of the top attractions for tourist, but I missed the crowd and went there really early in the morning (thanks, jet lag). I wandered for hours, impressed by the artistic statues, marble mausoleums, and monumentality of the cemetery itself. Walking through the cemetery was never my cup of tea, but I really wanted to visit Eva Perón‘s grave and do something a bit different from what I’m used to.

Aussie Man Experience: From Sydney to Buenos Aires and Back

Positivity all Around

Buenos Aires is one of the most vibrant cities with beautiful details all over, painted buildings covered with artworks behind every corner, and the wonderful scent of delicious cooking in the air. Everyone is dancing in the streets, smiling, enjoying Consumer Resource Guidelife in every moment, the atmosphere is so positive that it inspires you – that is the kind of feeling that you will never be able to forget, it simply gets you going, dancing, laughing, loving.

After all this, I still haven’t found the right words to describe the feelings that overwhelmed me when I came home. It was such a unique experience and I would like to thank all the people I’ve met on this wonderful adventure, that shared laughs with me, helped me feel like I’m one of them, and taught me to live life at its fullest.

Honestly, I’d go back in a heartbeat…

…To dance the last sensual tango in Buenos Aires.

And thank all the people in person!

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