3 Overseas Jobs Available Right Now!

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Working globally doesn’t have to mean living overseas, but it can if you desire. For example, this week, you’ll learn about 3 jobs advertised for people wanting to live and work overseas. They are:

  1. Real Estate Sales for Property at Gran Pacifica and Grand Baymen
  2. Construction Supervisor for Gran Pacifica Homes and Condos
  3. Global Affiliate Director of Operations for ECI

Two of these positions do require relocating internationally, but one of them has the flexibility of location, meaning that it really can be performed from anywhere. It’s a job in the “new economy,” where a digital nomad can live and work from anywhere.

There are a lot of reasons that people look to work overseas. For many, it’s a chance to take on the challenge of integrating both the familiar and new in a field they know. For others, it’s the big break they’ve been looking for, able to get a clear run in an otherwise crowded domestic arena. For some, it’s simply the desire to live as an expat for any number of reasons, from quality of life, to cost of living, to returning to a region of familial heritage.   

Working overseas may seem romantic, and in many ways it can be. But dealing with issues like your own culture shock in the first year can be challenging. I know you’ve seen this quiz many times now, but it’s the fastest and best way to see how easy a transition you can expect when moving overseas. The moving is relatively easy. Working abroad is much harder because the interface of different cultures is front and center all day. There’s no shrinking away from it. Take the Quiz Here to see how you might fare overseas.

So, without further ado, please read through the three job descriptions below for positions available right now within the ECI organization. If you are ready to expand your field of view for employment opportunities globally, one of these might be a good fit. Please feel free to pass this email along to friends and associates who may also be looking.


About ECI’s Global Affiliate Program:

With 1-in-10 North Americans considering property ownership overseas, ECI recently created and launched its Global Affiliate Program to better reach this demographic. The Global Affiliate Program aims to develop and foster relationships with Canadian, U.S., and Latin American-based realtors who wish to become familiar with international real estate and serve their clients looking to own property overseas. Through this program, affiliates are provided the tools and resources they need to advise their globally-minded clients and inform them of relevant properties, while having the opportunity to earn significant referral fees.


The Director of Operations of the Global Affiliate Program will oversee the operation of the program, monitoring progress and improving processes as necessary to ensure its smooth overall function. S/he will be responsible for the daily coordination and administration of the ongoing program through planning, organizing, leading, developing, and managing relationships with affiliates. S/he will work closely with the program’s Director of Marketing and Technology to continue to optimize the program, assist with the development of all program-related materials, and effectively manage and maintain affiliate relationships. S/he will also work with executive leadership to make decisions regarding operational activities and strategic goals.


The Director of Operations will perform the following duties (including, but not limited to):

  • Monitor the existing program’s processes and progress and make improvements as seen fit.
  • Oversee related staff and team members to ensure task completion and that goals are being met.
  • Set realistic goals for staff and support from collaborating departments.
  • Aid the creation of content for the program (articles, website, social media, collateral).
  • Proofread and edit content produced in relation to the program, as well as marketing materials for affiliate use (i.e., newsletters, social media posts, webinars, handbooks).
  • Serve as a liaison, information officer, and main point of contact to affiliates to develop meaningful relationships and ensure they have the resources they need to promote ECI products to their client base.
  • Attend national and international conferences to make realtor connections, attend CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist) gatherings, and encourage enrolled affiliates to become active members of CIPS.
  • Build strategic relationships with leadership and representatives of realtor associations to further the reach of the program.
  • Conduct presentations to realtors at real estate agencies and distribute printed information for their office libraries.
  • Conduct searches (i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn) to identify realtors and other potential affiliates and inform them of the program and opportunity.
  • Utilize the HubSpot platform daily to monitor relationships and correspondence with realtor contacts.
  • Host remote informational webinars for affiliates and their clients.
  • Follow up with affiliates appropriately during each phase of the affiliate on-boarding process (i.e., email, phone) to retain relationship long term.
  • Develop systems to track program progress, milestones, affiliate enrollment, and lead generation.
  • Plan trade missions (4-days/3-nights) to ECI properties to educate affiliates about ECI offerings, the countries where ECI has a presence, and how to effectively guide their clients on home ownership overseas.
  • Provide periodic updates and brief executive leadership on program progress.
  • Attend and provide input at weekly departmental meetings as scheduled and/or requested.
  • Host meetings with staff to ensure operations are running smoothly and interdepartmental goals are being met.
  • Make recommendations and suggestions, as seen fit, for interdepartmental process improvement.


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required
  • 3-5 years administrative/operational/related experience strongly preferred
  • Excellent communicator with strong oral and written skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Dynamic, engaging individual who excels and thrives with interpersonal relationships
  • Self-starter that can work and accomplish tasks independently, and take initiative to lead teams and delegate tasks
  • Out-of-the-box thinker that develops creative and effective solutions to challenges
  • Proficiency in MS Office Suite
  • Versed in the use of various social media platforms
  • Experience in real estate or access to real estate networks is a plus
  • Experience using HubSpot is a plus
  • Experience using Adobe Suite is a plus
  • Bilingual or advanced-level Spanish preferred


  • Occasional travel (20-25% of the time – domestic and some international)
  • Occasional weekends (depending on travel and needs)
  • Valid driver’s license and passport required
  • Authorization to work in the USA


  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Stock benefits and ability to earn commissions
  • Travel to beautiful international locations
  • Opportunities for professional growth are endless

Candidates are to submit a resume and cover letter to rachel@ecidevelopment.com. Please list memberships in associations, leadership positions, trade certifications, and any reasons you feel you would be an excellent candidate for the position.   


Responsibilities and Requirements Include:

  • Oversee construction projects, perform general maintenance, and maintain the quality and appearance of the properties.
  • Participate in the strategic direction of property sites.
  • Provide knowledge of construction, building specifications, and architectural designs, including having an eye for design.
  • Obtain proposals from vendors and make recommendations, coordinate vendor schedules.
  • Walk property daily and oversee buildings, grounds, and equipment. Participate in all property inspections.
  • Review new project plans and discuss equipment needs, materials, and modifications with design engineers.
  • Collaborate with management, engineering, and quality control personnel to resolve maintenance problems and recommend measures to improve operations and conditions of properties.
  • Lead the development of the maintenance staff.
  • Submit weekly reports, if applicable, of current projects with details of the payments, expenses, status of the project, and issues and decisions.
  • Keep all projects within the deadlines and budgets.
  • Ensure safe work practices are implemented and being followed in accordance with ECI. Ensure safety of staff, vendors, owners, and guests.
  • Coordinate and review maintenance project activities to determine time frame, funding limitations, and procedures for accomplishing projects, staffing requirements, and allotment of available resources to various phases of projects.
  • Prioritize and carry out maintenance tasks as requested by guests, management, and other departments in a timely manner.
  • Make decisions in the best interest of all current and potential ECI properties and ensure compliance with all applicable policies and procedures.
  • Promote and safeguard all current and potential ECI Development properties at all times.
  • Keep all company business confidential – while on or off properties.
  • Performs other tasks as assigned.

Interested applicants, please send resume, cover letter, and any relevant background data to:   Patrick Hiebert, Chief Operating Officerphiebert@ecidevelopment.com


ECI Development, Ltd. is recruiting for the position(s) of a sales professional for pre-construction and post-construction real estate in their communities throughout Latin America.

Top candidates will have experience in residential real estate, possess a history of successfully serving clients, and show an exceptional knowledge of the real estate industry. The position does not require locating to Grand Baymen (Belize) or Gran Pacifica (Nicaragua), but willingness to relocate is a plus.

Terms of Engagement:

  • A trial period of 3 months.
  • Pending results, a full-time position will be considered.
  • Compensation is a small base salary plus commission. A draw against commission may be considered based on sales history.   
  • Housing may be provided based on candidate’s qualifications and experience.   
  • Sales Associate will report directly to Sales Manager.

Mandatory Attributes:

  • Customer oriented
  • Professional and personable demeanor
  • Proven working experience in sales and/or customer service is a plus
  • Prior use of a CRM system (Hubspot, Salesforce, Goldmine, Sugar, etc….)
  • Familiarity and use of social media sites
  • Strong work ethic and desire to be successful
  • Takes initiative
  • Time and task flexibility
  • Ability to work as a team player
  • Ability to work independently
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong sales, negotiation, and communication skills

Additional Beneficial Attributes:

  • Proven working experience in customer service
  • Familiarity with the ECI Development product line
  • Hubspot experience and/or certifications
  • Excellent oral presentation skills
  • Ability to communicate in Spanish as a second or third language
  • Experience working or living abroad


  • To provide guidance and assist buyers in purchasing the right property for them.
  • To determine client’s needs and financial abilities and propose solutions to suit them.
  • To intermediate negotiation processes, consult clients on market conditions, prices, mortgages, legal requirements, and related matters to their benefit to ensure fair and honest dealing.
  • To be able to generate leads outside of Hubspot – prospecting at least 20 leads a month through LinkedIn, Facebook, and other outlets.
  • To make 30+ calls/day to provided leads.
  • To follow up on past inquiries and create new workflows for the old leads.
  • To assist in marketing/sales strategy & development.
  • To conduct property tours.
  • To source new business locally/on site.
  • To keep abreast of local competitors, advertising, websites, specials.
  • To prepare a weekly sales report to management.
  • To attend weekly marketing and sales meetings.
  • To help with marketing ideas, campaigns, strategy, and to interact with the marketing department.
  • To establish and nurture local real estate agents contacts.
  • To implement sales forecasting and goal setting.
  • To support and assist the legal department with closing paperwork from his/her clients.

 Technical Skills:

  • Computer savvy – MS Office, internet, social networking sites.
  • Bilingual a plus – (English/Spanish)Consumer Resource Guide

Candidates are to submit a resume and cover letter to rachel@ecidevelopment.com. Please include a history of sales training, books, recordings, and other training materials you are familiar with and own in your library. List memberships in associations, leadership positions, and trade certifications. Highlight your sales mission statement, personal and professional goals, both short-term and long-term, and any reasons you feel you would be an excellent candidate for the position.   

Compensation for the position is a small base, plus a “fee-for-service” and performance-driven remuneration. ECI may or may not offer living arrangements on-site depending on the qualifications and compensation package. ECI Development, the parent company, is considering a public offering, and shares of the company could also be part of the compensation package as a performance bonus based on the overall package negotiated.

This article was published in the Escape Artist Weekly Newsletter on May 30, 2018. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, please click here.