Cities with the Best Quality of Life Worldwide

Since the beginning of time, philosophers have been trying to nail down exactly what makes for a good quality of life.   According to the dictionary, the definition of quality of life is “the general well-being of a person or society, defined in terms of health and happiness, rather than wealth”.  Based on this, a country’s “standard of living” is a very different thing, often tying directly into the amount of money someone has.

However, when trying to quantify the quality of life abroad, there are certain factors that must be included, such as indicators of economic success like employment and wealth.  Other considerations include environment, housing, consumer goods, public services, recreation, education, general health, culture, the economy, and the political situation of a city.  Within these categories, you can include more abstract concepts such as human rights, freedom, and happiness.

With all of these ideas and basics factored in, here is a list of the cities around the globe that currently have the best quality of life:

  • In Europe:  Vienna, Austria; Zurich, Switzerland; Munich, Germany; Düsseldorf, Germany; Frankfurt, Germany; Geneva, Switzerland; Copenhagen, Denmark; Bern, Switzerland
  • In Canada:  Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal
  • In the United States:  Honolulu, San Francisco
  • Central and South America:  Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Montevideo, Uruguay
  • In Asia-Pacific:  Auckland, New Zealand; Sydney, Australia; Wellington, New Zealand; Melbourne, Australia; Perth, Australia; Tokyo, Japan; Singapore
  • Middle East and Africa:  Dubai, UAE; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Port Louis, Mauritius; Cape Town, South Africa

What do all of these cities have in common?  The people here are truly content and pleased with the quality of their lives.  They enjoy their freedoms, their accessibility to the things they need, and how their city is structured around them.  Although happiness a very individual preference for each of them, in general, these cities have the attributes that make their inhabitants feel at home.

If you’re looking to move abroad, cities like these that have a high quality of life are one possible place to start looking.  By going this route, you could join the ranks of millions that feel they have a great life and a great city.  Of course, every single one of these cities is completely unique with its own vibe, culture, and lifestyle, so no matter what you have in mind, why shouldn’t you have the best possible life imaginable, whatever that looks like to you?