7 Ways To Save On Hotel Room Rents

For over the years, finding a good budget-friendly hotel has indeed become a tough nut to crack. Though the internet has made comparison based shopping incredibly easy but so much of options available in the market has made the things even complex and has also put the price pressure on hotels. If you are also baffled up searching the best deals for your hotel stay or looking ahead to save on apartment hotel, here is a guide to a hotel room in a smarter way.

  1. Go opaque

For the starters who want to save on the hotel rooms, opaque sites, that usually sale distressed room inventory make a really great deal. When buying the rooms from the hotels themselves, pricing is actually very low and consistent then you can think. The best way to find the good budget hotel rooms is to go for the timely booking.

  1. Go Last-Minute

As soon as the clock ticks closer to your vacation stay or the time is almost closer, there are always bargains for the individuals in hotel deals. Last-minute bookings tend to show lower average daily rates since hoteliers, at this point of time, intend to fill as many rooms as possible.

  1. Get benefitted with the ‘Free Cancellation’ game

Apart from that you can also get benefitted with the hotel free cancellation penalties to book early but make sure that you’ve got the room, and then re-check the price as the cancellation date approaches, in case you get a better deal along.

  1. Thoroughly assess the market

Travellers, a part from just planning out their itineraries should also know the flow of market. If you are heading to any particular area, take a week or more to know the market. Cross check the hotel room rent and better compare the affordable options. In this regard, you can take assistance from your friends, cousins or colleagues too.

  1. Book directly

Rather than landing via third parties, try to approach hotels directly since many hoteliers have finally come around to the idea that they would better offer the costumers if they book directly from the website like Space Apart Hotel. It may include offering lower prices as well as the royalty points both. Visit the websites and check the price. Sometime the offer that a particular offer is showing on the third party hotel booking website is lower or even higher than the actual one.

  1. Ascertain the ‘Best Available Rate’

It’s ok to get fascinated about the best available rate but there is always a scope for even better deals. You can apply and re-apply for your deserved discounts. Most companies offer you the best available rates but when you see it closely, the AARP rate is quite better than the best available rates.

  1. Escape the scams

There are many websites that operate the fake hotel booking services where they ask you to make payments with attractive offers on the hotel booking but lead to only the scam and return you with nothing only the payment failure where the money gets deducted but you don’t receive the services. So you need to aware of these outright scams.

Author Bio: Lana Marshall has worked as Space Apart Hotel for over seven years and has extensive knowledge of both the serviced apartments and the rental studio property market.