10 Quick Tips For Comfortable Overseas Travel

Excited about making an overseas trip? Whether you are traveling for business, adventure, or leisure, a comfortable overseas trip always requires thorough planning. It’s important to stay healthy while taking in all that the foreign land has to offer. Planning an overseas trip requires taking into account all of its stages, i.e. before you travel, on the journey and after you arrive at your destination. The outcome of such careful consideration will certainly be a truly memorable trip! Here are 10 quick tips to ensure a comfortable overseas travel:

Before You Go

10 Quick Tips For Comfortable Overseas Travel1. Do Your Research

When traveling overseas, it’s important to do your research and ascertain the risks before you go. You might want to consider the following aspects –

  • Availability of accommodation.
  • The laws and regulation of that particular country.
  • Weather condition and the type of climate you will be in, i.e. hot or cold.
  • Read a little about basic etiquette, culture, and tradition of the country.
  • Research events like festivals, ceremonies and natural events that you can visit while you’re in the country.

2. Book Early for Cheap Flights

Airfare can easily be the largest expense of your overseas trip. Expensive plane tickets compel you to select a more affordable destination or to stay thrifty at your vacation stop in order to stay within your spending limit. If the idea of buying cheap flights appeals to you, then two of the best ways are having flexible travel plans and booking early.

3. Always Buy Travel Insurance

You will most definitely require travel insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances such as an injury or sickness on the trip, lost or stolen luggage, your passport getting lost, or in case of environmental hazards.

4. Pack Smart

For a happy overseas travel, make it a point to pack smart and travel light. Based on your travel destination, choose the type of clothing, i.e. warm woolens or lightweight cotton. Also, a first-aid kit and light snacks are must-haves on your luggage. Among your skincare products, carry a good organic cleanser like the African Black Soap, moisturizer, and the most important-sunscreen. Don’t forget to include a pure essential oil like lavender or rosemary for your hair.

5. Learn Common Phrases of the Local Language

By using an app or a phrase book, work on some basics of the local language of your travel destination. This goes a long way in showing respect for the locals and in breaking down cultural or communication barriers, thus making life much easier for you in a foreign land.

While On Your Journey

10 Quick Tips For Comfortable Overseas Travel6. Beware of Free Public Wi-Fi

Findings of a new study will make you think twice about accessing free data. Information received or sent over an open wireless network is vulnerable to data leaks. So, refrain from accessing your bank accounts and other confidential information through free Wi-Fi available at international airports.

7. Stay Hydrated

Travel or not, hydration is key. Drink plenty of water on the flight to stay hydrated and feel energized throughout your journey. However, limit your intake of caffeine and sugary drinks to get a healthy sleep and to avoid feeling jet lagged.

At Your Travel Destination

10 Quick Tips For Comfortable Overseas Travel8. Select Fewer Places to Visit

Get to know a few places or regions well rather than trying to go everywhere and to do everything. This would surely save your time constantly packing and unpacking and even, in some cases, dealing with different time zones. Also, moving around to too many travel hotspots is a perfect recipe for blowing your budget!

9. Avoid Foolish Risks

Stay alert and avoid taking risks. For example, if you plan on motorbike riding, it’s a good idea to rent proper gear or it can cost you big time. A proper gear will save you from travel exhaustion, lower backache and provide protection in case of a crash. Avoid taking things too casually and take safety precautions where necessary.

10. Keep an Open Mind

Keeping an open mind will let you enjoy learning about new cultures, environments and meeting new people. It will be an enriching experience for you and you’ll end up with wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

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