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My First Few Months in Singapore

After many trips and spending a few months in Singapore I’ve become quite fond of quite a few things. This is by no means a complete list of all the things I enjoy about Singapore just a few things I thought of as I sat down at my computer today.

No Pennies or one cent pieces

When was the last time you bought something for a penny? Sure maybe a single washer or a screw costs you .04 or .07. Really they are a nuisance and I’m glad not to be bogged down with them.

Tax is already Included

I think everyone should know how much they are paying in taxes, especially income tax. That said its really nice to walk into a store buy three items and know how much to pull out of your wallet before the cashier even starts scanning your items.

Some stores will give you the break down of the tax too which is nice too.

The Weather

When I first came to Singapore I was worried that I wouldn’t like the humidity and the heat. I grew up in south eastern Pennsylvania Where it would be 90% humidity and 90F degrees It was muggy and miserable. I also have spend the last decade in the deserts of Nevada and Arizona.

Is it hot in Singapore? Yes. Is it humid in Singapore? Yes. Does Singapore have amazing thunderstorms? absolutely!

The odd things is that I enjoy the heat and the humidity doesn’t bother me much. Maybe its because I enjoy it here so much that it doesn’t bother me here. Fact is that my Singaporean friends will be complaining about the weather and I’m enjoying it.

Singapore is clean

I’m still impressed with how clean Singapore is. Its not just the touristy areas and the business districts. Hawker centers, coffee shops and canteens are all clean.

Even when I’ve visited businesses in industrial areas where manufacturing and other industrial processes are taking place everything is clean clean clean.

The only other place I’ve been to that is as clean is Disney World in Florida and Disney Land in California.

Singaporeans Are Friendly

I’ve found that overall Singaporeans have a very friendly demeanor.

From small talk waiting for the lift to big smiles and waves from people I’ve never met. I get a nice feeling of being in a community. Not just being in a community, A community of people that genuinely are happy to see you.

I Feel at Home in Singapore

From the first time I visited Singapore I’ve felt at home. I’ve never felt lost or that I’m in a strange and bizarre land. Everything is basically what I’m used to with a little bit of a twist.

The grocery store is like any other grocery it has a few items I’m not as familiar with and a few I wish they had.

Restaurants are basically the same. You don’t tip and many times you take the bill to the cashier after the meal is over.

Business and business meetings are so similar that I would need to sit down and think about what if anything is majorly different.

There are some things that take some getting used to. Driving on the other side of the road. Looking Right then Left before crossing the street and I still get lost when friends throw in some Singlish.

There is a lot of variety in Singapore

Singapore is an international global city. There are influences from all over the world which creates a beautiful richness to everyday life.

I’ve heard it said that American is a melting pot. If that is the case Singapore is a mixing bowl. America to me seems more pocketed with different cultures and ethnicities. Singapore has everything nicely blended together.

Singapore does have little India and China town. When you are every where else in Singapore everything is nicely blended together.

Singaporeans are the worlds fastest walkers

This may sound like an odd thing to like. I’m never in a hurry I am over 6 feet tall and I like to get where I’m going quickly. There is a time to stop and smell the roses, just not when I have better places to be.

All things considered I really enjoy my time in Singapore.

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