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John Constantine

John ConstantineJohn Constantine is a contemporary artist, entrepreneur, and blockchain veteran from Tampa, Florida. He specializes in combining emerging technology with unique mediums like carbon fiber to create timeless works of fine art. His dual exposure to the culturally driven industry of fine art and the highly technical industry of blockchain, underpinned by ten years of entrepreneurship, give him a valuable and well-rounded perspective on many topics including social trends, alternative investments, and emerging technology.

Always obsessed with how technical things worked, John’s professional career began with a degree in aviation mechanics. After graduating at the top of his class and receiving job offers from companies like Lockhead Martin, he decided to pursue a career path that would challenge him more, and give him more creative freedom.

Starting with a small property maintenance business he used to get through college, he slowly turned it into a successful maintenance management business that he ran during the day, while exploring more technical business opportunities with the rest of his time. He studied advanced composites and luxury branding and experimented with high end, niche products in various industries.

In 2017, John discovered bitcoin and quickly fell down the blockchain rabbit hole. Around the same time, he began taking his passion for the arts public and sharing his stunning paintings on social media and selling them across the world. Despite his varied experiences, John found ways to combine them and use each new direction in his career to build off the last.

He now utilizes advanced composites like carbon fiber as a canvas for his paintings, uses blockchain based tokens to manage authenticity and provenance for his art, and is growing the Constantine fine art brand to reach beyond blue chip art, into a lasting luxury brand.

Marrying a highly technical mind with a strong creative intuition, John Constantine brings a valuable and fresh perspective on many of the opportunities and challenges faced in the rapidly changing landscape of the 21st century and is enthusiastic about learning and sharing ways to build a more positive and meaningful future for us all.

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