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The “Will I be happy when I get there?” Survey

The purpose of this tool is to give both you and us a better understanding of the kinds of locations, and properties that will be a good fit.    It begins with the largest issues of weather, climate and geography and then drills down to the finer details of life such as proximity to a church, drugstore and movie theatre.   

We have found that when couples take this survey independently, they can better see what is important to the other and when necessary find ways to compromise when the interests are radically different.    It is far less stress and cost to do this exercise on paper before you go. Even if you have vast areas of positive overlap, knowing what you want in detail will help.

The survey is always changing and being updated.   So, if you see a question that is unclear, let us know.   If you think of something we should add, let us know. If when you arrive in your new home, this was helpful, please let us know that too.    We keep all the information you provide private, and will cover the questions and survey with you when you are ready.

If a question doesn’t apply to you, or you choose not to answer, please write ‘N/A’.