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Why Retire to Thailand

Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles” and it is not just an advertisement! One time visitors as well as long-time residents will confirm the genuine nature of those smiles.

Another big plus for Westerners is Thailand’s climate: the country enjoys warm temperate weather just about all year long, with northern Thailand and the higher elevations being cooler than the south.

Thailand is no longer an ‘undeveloped’ country; its infrastructure is constantly improving and in most areas the amenities Westerners take for granted are already in place to a large extent. Thai food is some of the most savory in the world.

For many retirees, health care is one of the top priorities, and there are few places in the world where medical facilities are of such high quality and relatively low cost as in Thailand. Many foreigners are looking for many types of treatment and/or surgery at a much lower cost than in their home countries.

And last but not least it is quite possible to live well on less than it takes to do so in the USA or Europe. According to the US News Thailand is the most affordable country in the world. As noted, the cost of living varies considerably according to where you’re located in the country, but away from Bangkok and the main tourist attractions, life is still very much affordable.

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