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Second residency can prove to be a handy tool for living, traveling, working, and investing all over the world. Escape Artist is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information on second residencies and passports across the globe. Whether you want dual citizenship for easy travel or you are seeking a second residency in a new home, let us do the work.

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Pursuing residency abroad comes with many perks for those looking for freedom in the international landscape. A second residency grants you the ability to live, work, invest, purchase property, and travel freely within a certain country or region. While each residency permit has its own requirements for spending time in-country, some are more relaxed than others – allowing you to hold your residency and work towards dual citizenship, while still maintaining a solid base in your home country. For those countries that don’t allow dual citizenship, permanent residency provides a great way to maintain an international life without giving up your primary passport.

However, if a second passport is your goal, and you don’t want to commit to years of satisfying naturalization requirements, many countries now offer shortcuts to citizenship through investing. Depending on the investment amount or sector, a second passport can be obtained immediately or with drastically reduced time requirements. Some of the most popular places that offer these “Golden Visas” are Portugal, Malta, Spain, Greece, and several countries in Central/Latin America and the Caribbean.

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