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Are You Ready to Live in a Foreign Country?

Take this Quick Quiz to rate your ability to manage and adapt to a foreign country. Ask your significant other take this quiz separately. Be honest! The results may surprise you.

1. Are you usually one of the first to try new things, new foods, and new experiences?

2. Are you able to relax, willing to adapt to a slower, easier going pace?

3. Are you a self-starter who doesn't wait for someone else to get things done?

4. Are you willing to learn the basic phrases of a new language?

5. Do you make new friends easily?

6. Are you an optimistic/glass half-full kind of person?

7. Are you financially secure enough that you do not need to work?

8. Are you open to new adventures, new activities?

9. Do you have a hobby or interest you really want to pursue?

10. Are you comfortable being a "visible minority" in a new country?

11. Are you easy-going enough to deal with long lines/delays/bureaucratic delays?

12. Are you genuinely interested in getting involved in a new community/join clubs/activities?

13. When faced with problems, are you creative in figuring out how to get things done?

14. Do you respect different cultures and realize that you are moving to THEIR country?

15. Are you healthy enough (both mentally and physically) that you do not need constant medical attention?

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