Retiree Associations in the Philippines

There are three retiree association in the Philippines:

PRA JAPANESE CLUB: PRA Japanese Club is a nonprofit organization formed by the Japanese Special Retiree Visitors Visa (SRRV) holders in the Philippines to foster cooperation and friendship among Japanese retirees who have chosen the country as their second home.

THE EURAMA ASSOCIATION: An association for European, British (including the Commonwealth) and members from the Americas, North and South, is being organised. Rather than forming a tightly organised ‘club’, a more liberal format has been chosen for the time being. For convenience sake it will be called “The EURAM Association”

UNITED KOREAN COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION IN THE PHILIPPINES: The United Korean Community Association (UKCA) organized in 1969 and registered to SEC since 2001 is a non-stock/non-profit association in the Philippines.