facebook Restaurant Review - Our Trip to the Las Lajas Beach Resort

Restaurant Review – Our Trip to the Las Lajas Beach Resort

On a recent drive from Panama City to David, we decided to take a short detour and check out the beach at Las Lajas. Las Lajas beach is less than an hour east of David and not far off the Panamanian Highway on the Pacific Ocean.

41 - Las lajasThe town of Las Lajas is very small – we drove right by it on our journey to see what the beach looked like! At the end of the road, we took a right turn and stumbled upon the Las Lajas Beach Resort (actually hard to miss as there’s nothing else out there). We decided to stop by the resort’s restaurant for a bite to eat before continuing our journey.

Las Lajas Beach resort is bright and well-kept, warm and inviting. A breezeway off the parking lot took us directly to an open-air restaurant facing the ocean. Only one other couple joined us in the dining area while we were there.

41 -Fish & Chips
Delicious Fish & Chips

The restaurant atmosphere was quiet, clean, and casual. There is a well-equipped bar, though we opted for two local Panamanian beers. I was glad to see all the seafood choices on the menu – my favorite since the seafood in Panama is so fresh! I ordered fish & chips, which came with coleslaw and tartar sauce. Patrick had a fish sandwich. Both of our fish filets were cooked just right, tender and crispy. The service was attentive and the prices were reasonable. Each meal was just under $10, including the beer.

For me the best part of the meal was the spectacular view of the wide-open ocean. And how nice that the staff invited us to stay and relax in the resort’s beach chairs after lunch! Growing up in Hawaii where you are seldom alone on a beach during the day, I’m always amazed to be able to go to a beautiful beach like Las Lajas in Panama and see few or no other people there. This has to be one of the nicest beaches I’ve seen on the Pacific side of the country so far.

After lunch we took a leisurely walk on the beach, and to our surprise found hundreds of pretty beach shells scattered across the sand. Then we drove a bit further down the road, which turned out to be more of a challenge than we had anticipated. There were large gravel stones covering the pitted dirt road. Not a comfortable drive in our little car, zigging back and forth! A truck or 4WD would be more appropriate.

At the end of this road we found a new housing development with several American-style homes already built and a couple with for sale signs. I saw one large home for $395,000. The homes and beach were beautiful but the road leading to them could use some improvement. This would be a wonderful spot to settle if you’re looking for someplace a bit more isolated.

Las Lajas Beach Resort is a perfect spot for a tasty bite to eat, a cold drink, a peaceful ocean view and a quiet walk along the beach. Be sure to stop by if you’re in the area!


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