Mexican Retirement Assistance Association (AMAR)

Senior and Assisted Living in Mexico

With baby-boomers reaching retirement age in the very near future, a handful of forward-thinking Mexican organizations have sprung up to meet the current and future demands of thousands of retirees that will move to Mexico in the next decade to retire in Mexico. One of those dynamic organizations is AMAR: the Mexican Association for Assisted Living. A non-for-profit organization focused on providing quality of life as well as quality of care for seniors retiring in Mexico, AMAR is committed to elevating the Mexico real estate market for seniors to a consistently high level of service and to regulating the independent- and assisted-living markets in Mexico.

AMAR’s mission is to encourage the development of the senior living market and to continually improve the quality of life standards among retirement communities in Mexico. Quality of life is a key issue for AMAR, which has based its mission in freedom, trust, well-being and security for retirees making their future home in Mexico.

Serving as a resource for Mexican and foreign seniors, the Mexican Association for Assisted Living is dedicated to informing and advising members about current standards in the industry and linking the expat community during their stay in Mexico.

AMAR offers a variety of services to the community. With a team of investors from the United States and Canada, AMAR is focused on developing the senior housing and care industry for Mexico retirement. As a service to their members, the association offers the following resources:

  • Legal Concerns
  • Financial Issues
  • Accounting
  • Foreign Investment Counseling
  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Tourism
  • Nursing & Health Care
  • Medical Service
  • Assisted Living Facilities in Mexico

The goal will be to advocate legislation to create a body of rules and regulations for the senior housing and care industry in Mexico. AMAR believes strongly the industry needs to have governmental checks and balances to prevent it from unfair exploitation and is campaigning vociferously to achieve this aim.