This highly illustrative Brutally Honest Guide tells it how it is! - Escape Artist

This highly illustrative Brutally Honest Guide tells it how it is!

To ‘make it’ as a freelance Microstock photographer takes a hell of a lot of technical talent, effort and commercial awareness. If you possess these qualities, submitting stock photos presents an opportunity to earn some extra cash for images that might otherwise be gathering digital dust. Businesses desperately need high quality and cost-effective stock images to persuade consumers to purchase their products and/or services, and I’ll teach you how to match your photos to such business needs.

I’m a travel photographer and have been submitting travel stock photos to various agencies since 2012. I’ll tell you my story from the frustration of earning practically nothing to running my own stock photography small business which generates me a tidy sum every month that I use to travel and upgrade my equipment.

I’ll provide you with the necessary technical and commercial/editorial advice to succeed, while at the same time teaching you how to manage your expectations. This is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’, so I’ve included an insightful case-study of an ‘average contributor’ who submits over a three-year period.

What’s more, you get an overview of the ‘ins and outs’ of submitting your images to various agencies so that you can decide which agencies you should target. I also include advice as to how to submit your images outside of Microstock to obtain the maximum amount of royalties from your premium images.

Here’s the table of contents:

Chapter 1 – Microstock Photography 101
Chapter 2 – What’s in my Camera Bag?
Chapter 3 – Achieving Technical Excellence
Chapter 4 – The Legal Side of Stock Photography
Chapter 5 – Licensing Editorial & Commercial Images
Chapter 6 – Overview on Agencies to License Images
Chapter 7 – How Much Can You Expect to Earn (The Extra Mile Isn’t Crowded)?
Chapter 8 – Creating Interesting Images
Chapter 9 – Finding your Niche
Chapter 10 – Keywording
Chapter 11 – Workflow Optimisation
Chapter 12 – Opportunities Outside of Microstock
Interview with Joas Souza, London-based Architectural photographer

This sharing of my own experiences will both save you time and help you maximize your earnings right from the start. Screw the outdated mentality of the corporate 9-5 jobs, and join the growing ‘gig economy’ by starting to earn from your stock photos today!

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