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Global Asset Protection And Wealth Symposium

November 13th – 16th, Belize



No matter who’s elected President of the USA on November 8th 2016, the world is going to shake.     You need to move fast to the changing landscape.   

How are you going to…..

Grow your wealth…

Defend what you’ve already got…

Minimize or even eliminate taxes legally…

Protect and provide for your heirs…

Set up a Plan B for when things get worse…..

Get “connected” with the experts…

Join an exclusive group of international asset protection experts who have put together the most important offshore strategy symposium in history.  The world has gone through MAJOR changes in the last year and things will get more volatile in 2017. If you want to protect your wealth, grow your wealth, prepare for uncertain times, then you must take action NOW.

We’ll give you unprecedented access to experts in every field. From banking, to finance, to investments, to real estate, to 2nd residencies and citizenships, to metals and hard assets, to tax planning and offshore asset protection.   All the biggest and most respected names in the industry will be in Belize November 13th to 16th 2016.

Find out what’s really going on – no fear mongering or stale sales pitches – just the facts and actionable intelligence from experts on the ground around the globe.

Make connections, get answers to your questions, plan your offshore strategy, and leave with a solution in-hand.

When I say access, I mean unlimited quality time with each and every professional. If you’ve attended other offshore conferences, you know that many speakers give their spiel and run out, leaving you with their underlings.  Not at this event. We recognize that this is your last opportunity to get set up offshore in 2016. All of the speakers at this event are staying for the full schedule and taking one-on-one meetings throughout.  All meals are included and will be attended by the speakers, giving you unprecedented access to the experts.

And the fact that this is a small, exclusive, intimate event, limited to no more than 30 attendees, means you will have all the time you need to do your research, get your questions answered, weigh your options, design a custom strategy that fits you and your family, and implement that plan, all before you leave Belize.

Let me be clear – this conference is about taking action to protect your wealth and your family before the door is slammed shut in 2017.

Some people feel the first shoe to drop will be the closing of the IRS loophole that allows you to move your retirement account offshore.  Then banks and the government will continue making it harder for you to move money out of their reach. Once they have your cash locked down, they’ll move in and take what they need to feed the machine.

Don’t be left holding the bag when the music stops. Don’t be the one saying, “It can’t happen here,” only to find yourself waiting in line at an ATM for $60 a day like so many in Greece.

Think about what’s happened around you just recently:

  • US national debt is out of control. Continuing to print money to cover this debt will lead to a ratings downgrade and then to a significant currency correction. It took our nation 216 years to rack up the first $8.5 trillion in debt… then just 8 more years to double that amount.
  • Households are vulnerable to any drop in the US stock market because their ratio of stocks to disposable income is at an all-time high.
  • The US money supply has increased by 400% since 2006– all printed out of thin air with nothing behind it but the “good faith and credit” of the American system.
  • The IRS is coming after earners… targeting doctors and entrepreneurs in a race to increase revenues.
  • The way you live, work, travel, retire, invest… everything is going to change in 2017.Most in ways you don’t expect. Will you be ready?
  • New taxes were rolled out on 1/1/2014, including a capital gains tax increase from 15% to 23.8%. This is a proportional increase of over 58%. The government is going to demand even more from you in 2016.
  • Expect the US stock market to come down to earth next year. Our best long-term and intermediate projections suggest another slowdown and stock crash accelerating in early 2017, and possibly lasting well into 2018 or even 2019.
  • The US dollar is under attack from all sides. France, Russia (who have their own issues), the IMF, and China are all working to replace the US dollar as the world’s transactional “reserve” currency and eliminate the petrodollar.
  • We can be certain that the next big crisis won’t be a banking failure like we had in 2007… it’s going to be a currency crisis that’s much bigger.
  • FATCA came into full effect January 1, 2015. The United States has bullied offshore banks such that very few accept US clients. Only the well-connected can access quality institutions.
  • Banks in Italy and the UK have begun limiting how much customers can withdraw. We all know what has happened to Greece. Banks in the United States are restricting international wire transfers.
  • Everyone from the International Monetary Fund to leading Harvard economists iscalling for capital controls (which could lock your money in the US).
  • It now costs the U.S. government more to make payments on its debt than it brings in through tax revenue. The national debt has continued to increase an average of $2.41 billion per day since September 30, 2012.

Join us in Belize right after the elections to see you plan to deal with the upcoming uncertainty and protect what’s yours. Even more, how can you capitalize on that uncertainty and be ready when others are left with their heads spinning in the chaos.

These are volatile times. Those of us who are successful have come under attack by our government, our peers, our employees, and an army of lawyers.

Want to protect your assets and grow your wealth? You must diversify offshore.

Want exclusive access to those sections of the US tax code that corporations have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to get passed? You must learn their tricks and implement them in your daily life.

Want to run your financial life like a multinational? You must “internationalize” your assets, your business and yourself.

Want to go offshore safely and legally? You must have an experienced guide.

This is what we offer at this year’s Offshore Asset Protection and Wealth Symposium… your last best hope to protect your wealth in 2016.

Have you read enough? Do know all that you need to know? Are you ready to attend this exclusive event? Fill the form to your right.

Need more evidence that protecting your family is the right thing to do?

  • Employee Lawsuits have increased by 25%. As tough economic times push employers to downsize or reduce hours, employees are fighting back with all manners of legal claims.
  • legal system out of control targets doctors. My favorite example was filed by the heirs of Georgia resident William Martinez. After a bedroom romp with two friends – neither of whom were his wife – he suffered a heart attack and died. This simple case of overindulgence turned into a $3 million malpractice suit. His cardiologist was accused of failing to warn Mr. Martinez not to engage in strenuous activity before a heart test scheduled for the following day.
  • We’re going to see all kinds of new laws and rules telling you what you can and can’t do with your money. Take H.R. bill 2847, which went into effect July 1, 2014. This law made it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for most Americans to get their money out of US dollars and into foreign currencies or banks. Expect more of these “capital controls” in the future.
  • Obama fired the first volley against your retirement savings in 2014 with his MyRa. Basically, the MyRa is designed to “help” you invest “safely.” It requires first-time savers into holding U.S. Treasuries… no other investments allowed.
  • Incidentally, the U.S. debt is now over $18 trillion and American’s hold about $21 trillion in their IRA accounts.
  • The government is targeting high net worth individualswith a vengeance. Each and every tax hike hits those earning $250,000+ the hardest. If you’ve managed to work your way up to this elite 1%, you’ve been vilified by the press and harassed by the IRS.

The solution for you and your family is simple… hard to accept for those with patriotic dreams of the good old days… challenging to implement for the uninitiated… but simple if you have someone to show you the way.  Place your assets behind an impenetrable wall before it’s too late.

Now is the time to take action… before the U.S. government boxes you in even further.

You simply can’t afford the luxury of holding all of your cash in the United States. You can’t bet your life and your future on one single country.

You must live, work, bank, invest, save for retirement, own real estate, store gold, operate a business, etc., in a variety of countries if you want to succeed in today’s volatile world.

There’s no law requiring you to leave your assets where creditors or the government can get to them… at least not yet.

And you don’t need to do this on your own… or pay a lawyer tens of thousands of dollars to help you.

We will give you exclusive access to this offshore world.

We’ll show you how to build a fortress offshore and connect you into our network of international banks, offshore structures, brokerages, investment opportunities, and everything else you will need to diversify abroad efficiently, profitably, legally and safely… all before you leave Belize.

Join the Financial Elite Offshore.

This Global Asset Protection and Wealth Symposium is your ticket to a world of access and possibilities…to information and resources previously only available to billionaires and giant corporations.

We’ll pull the curtain back and show you the tricks used by the likes of Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and many others who protect and grow their assets offshore.

Let me talk about Mitt for a minute…

Since his 2012 campaign, he’s certainly become America’s most well-known offshore investor.

Romney’s offshore history runs deep… back to the 1984 founding of Bain Capital, when he raised millions of dollars from wealthy foreigners through shell corporations in Panama. Today, Bain operates at least 138 companies headquartered in the Cayman Islands.

The best example of Mitt’s offshore strategy is his retirement account. He grew his self-directed IRA to over $100 million… all offshore. This is quite impressive considering the maximum annual contribution for an IRA is $5,500 or $6,500 if you are age 50 or older.

Want to know how he did it? We’ll take you through it step by step… and it’s all perfectly legal.

Then there’s Jeb Bush. You know him from his days as Governor of Florida and the “battle of the hanging chads,” that moved his brother into the White House.  Like Mitt, Jeb is a master of the offshore game. For example, he raised $61 million in September 2014 for BH Global Aviation, an international structure that allows him to avoid US taxes and regulations on his investments.

And this was just his latest offshore vehicle. In April of last year, he structured one offshore deal for $26 million from a Chinese conglomerate and a second of $40 million from a variety of investors that was funneled into his US shale oil projects.

While Jeb’s offshore adventures pale in comparison to Mitt’s monster deals, they prove that going offshore is where the real profits are made. Where a guy worth $1.3 million in 2007 can join the big leagues.

How about following the lead of Warren Buffett, the world’s most renowned investor with a net worth of $63 billion. He’s reduced his company’s US bond holdings to their lowest levels in more than a decade, according to Bloomberg News.

What Bloomberg didn’t mention is that Warren also moved almost 70% of his remaining fixed-income investments into foreign currencies. If Warren Buffett’s fleeing the dollar, you might want to take notice!

Once you gain admission, the offshore world is enormous…

Keeping in mind that the top 1% control 43% of the wealth in the United States, and the next 4% control an additional 29%…

A recent study by James S. Henry, former chief economist at McKinsey & Company, estimates that wealthy individuals have $21 trillion to $32 trillion in private financial wealth tucked away in offshore havens — roughly equivalent to the size of the U.S. and Japanese economies combined.

Even as the world economy has stumbled, assets managed by the world’s 50 largest private banks grew from $5.4 trillion in 2005 to more than $18 trillion today.  And, despite what the media would have you believe, the vast majority of these accounts are legal, tax compliant, and perfectly sealed off from litigation and risk.   But before I continue…

This kind of international protection is not for amateurs.

With greater opportunity comes greater responsibility.  Your government doesn’t want you to move your wealth out of their command and control. You are their cash cow… you are the safety net they are relying on to cover their social programs.

The IRS doesn’t want you to have the tools we will give you at this year’s Global Asset Protection and Wealth Symposium. They were meant to be held in confidence and used only by the big multinationals.

So, they’ve put up roadblocks and disseminated misleading data to scare you into line.

Go offshore without a guide and risk massive fines and even jail. Do it wrong, and your most important asset might be sitting behind bars.

And the uber rich don’t want this information available either. They’re quite happy in their private club and fully support the IRS campaign that keeps entrepreneurs, investors and doctors out of their clubhouse.

But we see that time is short. We know that we must come forward now, before it is too late, and give you exclusive access to the offshore world of big business… a roadmap to offshore diversification…

Let me take a minute to tell you what the Global Asset Protection and Wealth symposium is and is not.

It’s not about doom and gloom…     But there are no rose-colored glasses either. This is all about real-world, practical, honest information that will guide you to a better future. It’s about identifying all levels of global risk and taking steps to hedge against them before the end of the year.

It is about opportunity…    The Global Asset Protection and Wealth Symposium is your passport into an offshore world filled with opportunity.

The Global Asset Protection and Wealth Symposium is your passport into an offshore world filled with opportunity.

Here’s my Top 11 list of what you can do
before you leave Belize…

  • Build an impenetrable wall around you and your family. The first and most important mission of our event is to protect you and your family from creditors, currency risks, and a government out of control. International Asset Protection Trusts, Private Interest Foundations and Offshore Corporations are just a few of the tools we’ll show you how to use like the multinationals do.
  • Plant your flag offshore.You’ll learn how to plant flags around the world and create bastions of diversified and protected wealth.
  • Gain residency or citizenship in a variety of counties. We’ll also show you how to obtain foreign residency or a second passport in the very best jurisdictions… making you a citizen of the world.
  • Invest in foreign currencies and/or gold.While the U.S. dollar is being debased by our government’s printing money at will, gold and other countries’ currencies are are poised to appreciate significantly.
  • Open a foreign bank account. Most offshore banks have closed their doors to Americans. At least, they’re closed to those without the clout to push them open. You don’t need to change your last name to Bush to get started offshore… but you do need an advocate on your side to get you past the gatekeepers.
  • Invest in productive foreign real estate.Here’s a tip: the U.S. government can’t seize foreign real estate… unless you make the mistake of buying in the U.K., France, or Canada. So, foreign real estate is a great way to protect your wealth. It also gives you a safe place should you wish to (or need to) make your exit.
  • Create a hedge against systemic failure.The only total hedge against a systemic collapse is physical gold held outside of the United States. I will show you my favorite sources for gold and the best private vaults around the world.
       –      FYI… you don’t need to report physical gold held offshore in your name to the U.S. government, and you can buy unlimited amounts of precious metals in your IRA.
  • Reduce or eliminate your U.S. tax bill. We will cover those sections of the tax code most American’s don’t know exist and give you access to information previously closely held by high dollar tax lawyers and dispensed begrudgingly only to their highest paying clients.
  • Take control of your IRA. Move your IRA, 401-K, Roth, or Defined Benefit Plan offshore and away from prying eyes. Once offshore, you’ll have checkbook control over your account and can invest in just about anything you like… including real estate, precious metals, stocks, bonds, and currencies.
  • Leave more to your heirs and less to Uncle Sam.The first step in eliminating the U.S. Death Tax is moving a portion of your assets offshore. The second is to get them into a foreign trust and out of your estate.
  • Start a business offshore. Whether you’re a business owner, high volume trader, or looking to start a new venture, setting up offshore offers tax benefits, plus privacy and protection.

This is just a small sampling of what you can do – and why you should consider it.

These strategies sound exotic but they are much easier to implement than you think – especially if you get the right advice up front.

Going offshore is all about access. Not complexity, but simplicity supported by relationships and knowledge.  Skeptical that you can keep it simple and safe? I guarantee going offshore will simplify your life.

Proper offshore protection is not about hiding your money under a rock in some banana republic. And it’s not about who can create the biggest, most confusing, and expensive structure… no matter what your lawyer wants to sell you.

In fact, I’ll bet you I can explain any of the structures used by Mitt and Jeb to hold hundreds of millions of dollars offshore in less than 5 minutes… which is exactly what I will do in Belize.

Again, offshore planning is about knowledge, relationships, and access… not secrecy or complexity.

While a happy byproduct of international laws is privacy, it’s not the focus. Even if your creditors know exactly what you have and where it’s located, they can’t get to it.

Offshore protection, as we will show you at the Global Asset Protection and Wealth Symposium in Belize this November, is about moving your wealth behind an impenetrable wall which no court, nation, nor creditor can knock down.

Imagine you’re protected by a mammoth wall, surrounded by a moat filled with gators, backed up by archers and cannons facing down anyone attempting to storm your castle. That is what proper asset protection is like.

The resulting peace of mind, plus the higher returns available offshore, will allow you to work less, enjoy your friends and family more, and spend your time as you like… all in the knowledge your assets are secure.

Preserve Your Wealth for your Heirs

The news is filled with stories about well to do people who failed to plan. Those who thought their time would never come… who put off international estate planning until it was too late.

Folks like James Gandolfini (best known as actor Tony Soprano) who died suddenly of a heart attack with only a simple will in place. Without an asset protection trust and other very simple vehicles, his estate ended up paying over $30 million in death tax (nearly half of his wealth). If done properly, his estate could have legally paid nothing! Bada boom Bada bing.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, well-known actor in such movies as Mission Impossible, and the Hunger Games, had no trust, an outdated will that did not account for two of his children and no life insurance. His estate was left with paying $12 million in estate taxes that could have been legally avoided.

The stories of the rich and famous messing up their estates and paying ridiculous taxes can be found everywhere on the internet. Just Google Paul Walker (Fast and Furious), Adam Yauch (Beastie Boys), Robin Gibb (the Bee Gees), William Davidson (Billionaire owner of the Detroit Pistons) or go back as far as Elvis, the King of Rock n Roll who died intestate. In these cases millions, or even billions, of dollars went to the IRS. When you add these up, along with interest, penalties, and legal fees, they often eat up anywhere from 50 percent to 90 percent (in the case of Elvis).

You can legally reduce your taxes, and protect your wealth for your kids, by implementing a simple offshore plan. Allow us to show you how and give you access to the resources you need. Run your family trust like an international business.

Real-Time Advice from Expertsin the Boardrooms and the Courtrooms

I’ve learned over the years that not everyone who doles out advice actually knows what they’re talking about.

And I’ve learned that actionable intelligence, backed by experience, is more important than ever. As more and more people like yourself realize that their savings are no longer safe in the United States, they’re looking for an escape route.

The problem is, this escape route is filled with landmines… mines placed there by your own government to prevent you and your cash from leaving.  Of course the corporations have navigated a course through these landmines. Now, it’s your turn.

That’s why we have put together this dream team of offshore gurus and given you unprecedented access to them – to get you safely to the privacy, financial security and protection available offshore before the end of the year.

The window of opportunity is closing fast…

Act now… new restrictions on retirement accounts and the movement of money are coming in 2017

Many banks around the world closed their doors to U.S. citizens this year. FATCA has turned offshore bankers into unpaid IRS agents, and many don’t want to take the risk or hassle of dealing with us Americans.

And the window to get your IRA out of the United States, and out of the control of the US Treasury, may be closing in the next year. Many experts expect the IRS will make it illegal to invest your IRA offshore sooner rather than later… but those who are already set up abroad will be protected.

Here’s the critical point to remember today: your ability to internationalize your life and implement your offshore plan will be greatly hampered over the next year.

Now is the time to act, to preserve your options while you still can.

These three days could save you thousands per year…every year for the rest of your life…

This November, in Ambergris Caye Belize, my team of offshore experts will give you everything you need to get started on a more secure, more bountiful future, for yourself and your family.

They’ll outline the most appealing current strategies available to help you:

  • Protect what’s yours;
  • Diversify your assets out of harm’s way;
  • Develop a strategy that supports both long-term growth and privacy.

This is your LAST CHANCE to act before the door is slammed shut.

Don’t make the mistake so many Greek citizens did… take action before it’s too late.


Today, you have the power to control what happens to your wealth. Next year, you’ll have less power… and possibly less wealth.

Take this simple step right now to take control of your and your family’s future.

Join us in Belize for this rare and timely opportunity. I sincerely believe it could be the most important three days you spend this year.

I hope to meet you there.


“You ran a really good show –– I enjoyed everything about this conference and itexceeded my expectations by a long way! The speakers were entertaining, engaging, and relevant. The food and drink outstanding. And the staff so helpful and friendly. Kind regards.” — George D. Louisville, KY

“It was a wonderful experience. It was very exhilarating to break out of my confinement here in Iowa to see what else is happening in the world!” — Pat K. Cedar Rapids, IA

“It was a wonderful conference. Met many new people and made new friends. Thanks for the invite.” — Richard W. Virginia Beach, VA

“Was good meeting you and the team. The conference was well run and organized, I think you all deserve a pat on the back.” — Matt J. San Pedro, Belize

“Sincere congratulations are in order. I feel the whole program for the Global Asset Protection Symposium was superb, handled with care and professionalism. The selection of themes was most comprehensive and gave the participant a holistic picture. Thank you very much.” — Nelson E. Managua, Nicaragua