How Good is the Quality of Your Drinking Water in France?

How Good is the Quality of Your Drinking Water in France?

One of the main concerns when traveling to France (or to any foreign country for that matter) is the question regarding the safety of the tap water for drinking. This is an especially sensitive topic, and even the slightest contamination can be harmful for very sensitive people. And this is exactly what Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, a French scientist from the World Wildlife Fund, tried to prove some time ago, stating that tap water can be potentially harmful for people living in France and who happen to be ill or highly sensitive. However, the French Academies of Medicine, Pharmacy and Water, rapidly responded by refuting these claims as unfounded.

In order to prove this, they stated that France is a first-world country, and that it complies with the strictest European standards for both water control and healthcare. Further proof is also the recent investment on the part of the French government on top quality water treatment works.

This article also delves in some details about how water in France is treated and controlled at all stages, ranging from its point of capture and going all the way to its distribution networks as well as standards for bottled water, another highly consumed product by the French. All of these, coupled with rigorous cross testing carried out by both water companies and the French Ministry of Health ensures the quality of the water in France. Consider this article a mandatory read for anyone who really places a lot of care into their own health and well-being.

In France they take their water seriosly in an article that appeared in the escapefromamericamagazine (EFAM) titled “Live in France? – How Good is the Quality of Your Drinking Water?” they had this to say:

The predilection for bottled water amongst the French is something of an historical legacy, for as late as the 1990s up to 13% of consumers in some areas of the country did not have drinking water that complied with quality standards.

However, in recent years (largely as a result of pressure from the EU, it has to be said) the French government has invested heavily in water treatment works, with a major programme of investment that is ongoing.

The system of quality control in France today is also rigorous, and carried out along the whole of the supply chain – at the point of capture, at treatment stations, and within the distribution network itself.

Not only do the water companies themselves do their own tests, but there are also regular independent tests carried by officials from the French Ministry of Health.

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