Try something new and fun to have an income with your know how and talent, and along with it helping to improve the economy and education of this undevelop country. In Ecuador there are still many things that need to be done or be improved that is still waiting for you to take that step. The majority of investors think only in Real Estate, Restaurant or bed & Breakfast. But there is much more than that.  I hope my message gets across to those people ready for action with connection and vision that are willing to make it happen. Each of the topics that I will mention comes with a vast explanation that I am ready to share with you personally of why I selected each of these sectors. In a large city like Portoviejo there is the need of an Art Theater for ballet, musician and comedy plays. Another thing to create is a chocolate factory or either cultivates and/or exports the cocoa beam to an existing chocolate factory. Cultivate crawfish during the entire year is possible due to our warm climate in the coastal part of  Ecuador to export to USA. These are just only a few of the possible things to do. If interested please visit my web page www.crucita.com   or contact me at:  jorge@crucita.com

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