16 th of April 2016 at 18:50 hours we got hit by  an earthquake of 7.8 ritcher scale located on the coastal part of Ecuador. Many buildings came down and some other still need to be demolish. Before this natural disaster our economy in Ecuador was not in the best moment  due to the irresponsible  and bad political administration from a President who govern the country for 10 years and turn over his power this past  May  of  2017. This entire Crisis reminds me of Ecuador in 1999 when we had a similar situation with a different natural event, plenty of rain and floods on the coast and also with a bad political situation, long story short me and many foreign investors did plenty of good business with great revenue, that we will never regret. I invite you to visit my web site: where I have a 3 minute video that will  describe my personal business venture, giving you  ideas of many things that still need to be accomplish in this part of the world like Ecuador. As a business person I´m sure I will be of a great help for you.


Jorge Loor Zambrano


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